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Home » News » Services, Products & Technology - Q1 2010

Services, Products & Technology - Q1 2010

Narrowing losses for emulsion fuel specialist
30 Mar 2010 07:57 GMT
After-tax losses down from the previous year during the last six months of 2009.

Oil water separator completes MEPC 107(49) certification
26 Mar 2010 12:18 GMT
Patented system uses a combination of physical and biological means to treat oily bilge water.

MOL develops diesel particulate filter
23 Mar 2010 14:53 GMT
Diesel particulate filter for vessels using heavy fuel oil is said to have removed over 80 percent of particulate matter.

New marine fuel filter system revealed
16 Mar 2010 11:31 GMT
Marine fuel filter system is said to be compatible with any fuel and any flow rate.

Bunker firm announces pour point breakthrough
11 Mar 2010 07:16 GMT
Company claims it has successfully achieved a breakthrough in research on its proprietary pour point depressant.

Fishing vessel uses towing kite to save fuel
09 Mar 2010 12:21 GMT
Germany's largest fishing vessel adds innovative wind propulsion system to reduce bunker costs.

Maersk in agreement to develop emulsion fuel
05 Mar 2010 16:52 GMT
Shipping giant in agreement with UK firm to jointly develop a marine version of MSAR emulsion fuel.

Retrofit can cut fuel consumption by 15%, says tech firm
03 Mar 2010 07:07 GMT
New retrofit for existing vessels is said to have an average fuel cost payback of under two years.

Agreement to develop high pressure gas propulsion system
02 Mar 2010 13:02 GMT
Plan to develop environmentally friendly system prototype by the end of this year.

Low consumption engines for polar supply vessel
01 Mar 2010 13:14 GMT
Low emission engines to be delivered to vessel, which will be used as a tanker to carry fuel oil to the Antarctic.

Tier-II compliant engine ready for delivery
01 Mar 2010 07:32 GMT
New low-speed engine is said to minimize fuel consumption due its 'rate-shaping' injection profile capability.

Agreement to develop dual-fuel engine
25 Feb 2010 09:23 GMT
New gas-injection, dual-fuel, low speed engine burns any ratio of fuel oil and gas.

Jüngerhans orders slow steaming upgrade kits
24 Feb 2010 08:04 GMT
Shipowner to retrofit two of its vessels with slow steaming upgrade kits in order to cut fuel costs.

License agreement for low-speed, fuel-efficient engines
23 Feb 2010 11:06 GMT
Chinese firm licenses technology to market fuel-efficient, low-speed engines to customers.

NYMEX to launch nine fuel oil contracts
18 Feb 2010 11:35 GMT
New fuel oil contracts are scheduled to be launched in less than three weeks' time.

First order for advanced lubricating system
17 Feb 2010 12:11 GMT
Wärtsilä is awarded contract to retrofit system designed to cut lube oil consumption.

First order for low fuel consumption engine
16 Feb 2010 10:03 GMT
New two-stroke engine is said to offer low fuel consumption as one of its major features.

Scrubber offer to 'save the Baltic Sea'
10 Feb 2010 18:31 GMT
Environmental promise to support action group in its mission to protect the Baltic Sea.

Trading platform to launch in March
10 Feb 2010 10:52 GMT
Marine fuels trading platform aims to create a forward bunker market and help develop a derivatives market.

Lloyd's Register launches performance monitoring service
09 Feb 2010 07:21 GMT
New service aims to enable action to be taken before damage is caused to marine diesel two-stroke engines.

Wärtsilä launches suite of environmental services
08 Feb 2010 12:37 GMT
Finnish firm aims to strengthen its position as a leading provider of environmental retrofit solutions.

Shipbuilder to develop LNG and fuel cell technology
03 Feb 2010 10:44 GMT
South Korean firm unveils its plan to build only eco-friendly ships from 2015.

Wärtsilä hails success of new fuel-efficient engines
02 Feb 2010 09:48 GMT
Finnish firm says it has enjoyed considerable sales success with its new low-speed engine.

Krystallon scrubber on EPA Emerging Technology List
13 Jan 2010 14:18 GMT
Manufacturer expected to pursue full EPA verification whilst scrubber emission performance is verified.

Low sulphur additive offers 'trouble-free performance'
06 Jan 2010 12:47 GMT
Lubricity Improver for low sulphur MGO offers to protect injection pumps in auxiliary engines and boilers.

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