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Home » News » Environment News - Q1 2010

Environment News - Q1 2010

Leading companies form ocean business alliance
29 Mar 2010 16:19 GMT
Business leaders from a diverse range of industries form international business alliance on ocean sustainability.

Amendments to MARPOL Convention adopted
29 Mar 2010 09:26 GMT
MEPC adopts amendments to establish North American ECA and Antarctic fuel ban.

Going slow to reduce ship emissions
24 Mar 2010 00:31 GMT
Study says use of fleet overcapacity could cut ship GHG emissions by a third.

Agreement to develop LNG-powered vessels
22 Mar 2010 12:23 GMT
Wärtsilä and Samsung Heavy Industries in agreement to jointly develop next-generation ships.

UK event examines green shipping issues
22 Mar 2010 07:12 GMT
Shipowners meet to discuss fuel efficiency, emissions, scrubbers and fuel quality.

Gas as ship fuel - a clean alternative to heavy fuel oil
19 Mar 2010 13:04 GMT
Event held to address aspects related to using LNG as an alternative ship fuel.

North American ECA high on agenda at IMO meeting
19 Mar 2010 10:27 GMT
North American ECA, GHG measures and Antarctic heavy fuel ban to be addressed at MEPC 60.

New vessels to cut fuel consumption by 15%
16 Mar 2010 07:51 GMT
New Stena Bulk Suezmax tankers will aim to cut bunker consumption by up to 15 percent.

Fuel reimbursement scheme 'bigger and better' in 2010
11 Mar 2010 08:01 GMT
Port says its reimbursement programme is on course to cut sulphur emissions more than in 2009.

Evergreen launches eco website
10 Mar 2010 14:28 GMT
New website launched as part of the company's aim to develop a sustainable global container transportation system.

World's largest solar-powered boat unveiled
10 Mar 2010 07:24 GMT
102-foot catamaran powered exclusively by deck-mounted solar cells is unveiled.

Fishing vessel uses towing kite to save fuel
09 Mar 2010 12:21 GMT
Germany's largest fishing vessel adds innovative wind propulsion system to reduce bunker costs.

Science a step closer to biofuel for ships
09 Mar 2010 08:01 GMT
Leading ship operator prepares for the sale of sustainable biofuels to ships in large volumes.

Emulsified marine fuel demonstration 'successful'
05 Mar 2010 18:14 GMT
US firm announces successful demonstration on board container ferry using emulsified diesel marine fuel.

New ship design 'perfect' for distribution of LNG
05 Mar 2010 09:12 GMT
Design firm says new vessel contributes to the development of a sustainable distribution network for LNG.

Two-year programme to test suitability of biofuels
04 Mar 2010 08:08 GMT
New feasibility study to examine the suitability of biodiesel for use in powering marine engines.

Agreement to develop high pressure gas propulsion system
02 Mar 2010 13:02 GMT
Plan to develop environmentally friendly system prototype by the end of this year.

US seminar to address air emissions topic
02 Mar 2010 08:08 GMT
Delegates to discuss concerns and actions that address the issue of marine environment protection.

Low consumption engines for polar supply vessel
01 Mar 2010 13:14 GMT
Low emission engines to be delivered to vessel, which will be used as a tanker to carry fuel oil to the Antarctic.

Tier-II compliant engine ready for delivery
01 Mar 2010 07:32 GMT
New low-speed engine is said to minimize fuel consumption due its 'rate-shaping' injection profile capability.

Air blower project to cut CO2 emissions
26 Feb 2010 08:55 GMT
Experiments begin on air lubrication system to reduce CO2 emissions during marine transportation.

EEDI approach not feasible for small ships, says report
24 Feb 2010 10:19 GMT
Report concludes that basic EEDI calculation methodology requires 'further refinement'.

License agreement for low-speed, fuel-efficient engines
23 Feb 2010 11:06 GMT
Chinese firm licenses technology to market fuel-efficient, low-speed engines to customers.

Event to provide platform for setting emissions targets
23 Feb 2010 08:03 GMT
Congress Chairmen to meet later this week to discuss content for leading environmental event.

'Risks' associated with low sulphur legislation
19 Feb 2010 07:55 GMT
Leading expert warns of the 'danger' of having to switch fuel before crossing into a control area.

Shipping firm in agreement to cut fleet emissions
18 Feb 2010 10:08 GMT
Canadian company aims to reduce emissions with energy-efficient and GHG-reducing initiatives.

New tool developed to investigate marine emissions
16 Feb 2010 11:42 GMT
Researchers use identification system to model ship emissions in the Baltic Sea.

First order for low fuel consumption engine
16 Feb 2010 10:03 GMT
New two-stroke engine is said to offer low fuel consumption as one of its major features.

Neste Oil in agreement to improve its fuel economy
11 Feb 2010 10:46 GMT
Oil firm and bunker supplier aims to improve its fuel economy by making its ships more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

US port to up slow steaming incentives
11 Feb 2010 07:53 GMT
Additional $9 million in financial incentives to boost participation in slow steaming program.

Scrubber offer to 'save the Baltic Sea'
10 Feb 2010 18:31 GMT
Environmental promise to support action group in its mission to protect the Baltic Sea.

New oil pollution inventory released
09 Feb 2010 11:12 GMT
New inventory lists R&D projects in the field of marine pollution preparedness, detection and response.

Wärtsilä launches suite of environmental services
08 Feb 2010 12:37 GMT
Finnish firm aims to strengthen its position as a leading provider of environmental retrofit solutions.

Shipbuilder to develop LNG and fuel cell technology
03 Feb 2010 10:44 GMT
South Korean firm unveils its plan to build only eco-friendly ships from 2015.

IBIA dispels confusion over EU sulphur directive
03 Feb 2010 08:12 GMT
CEO says there is no automatic dispensation for ships that have not yet been modified to use low sulphur fuel.

Wärtsilä hails success of new fuel-efficient engines
02 Feb 2010 09:48 GMT
Finnish firm says it has enjoyed considerable sales success with its new low-speed engine.

Propeller solution offers 'significant' fuel savings
29 Jan 2010 07:44 GMT
Optimized propeller solution is said to increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel costs.

WSC proposes global Vessel Efficiency System
25 Jan 2010 09:02 GMT
New global efficiency system would aim to improve fuel efficiency and reduce GHGs.

Shipowner chooses 'environmentally-responsible' lubricants
22 Jan 2010 10:16 GMT
Eco-conscious ship operator chooses product range designed for vessels where leakage presents a risk.

Government support for MOL fuel efficiency initiative
21 Jan 2010 18:37 GMT
Project aimed at lowering fuel consumption and cutting CO2 emissions to be incorporated into government-industry initiative.

Slow steam ahead for Hanjin Shipping
15 Jan 2010 12:48 GMT
Hanjin Shipping introduces slow steaming on Asia-U.S. East Coast service.

Japan to submit bunker levy proposal
15 Jan 2010 11:15 GMT
Japanese government to propose global bunker tax ahead of MEPC meeting in March.

'Favourable results' for Clean Fuels Program
14 Jan 2010 07:18 GMT
US port says fuels initiative has exceeded expectations in reducing sulphur emissions.

Krystallon scrubber on EPA Emerging Technology List
13 Jan 2010 14:18 GMT
Manufacturer expected to pursue full EPA verification whilst scrubber emission performance is verified.

Foundation to launch low emissions award for ships
08 Jan 2010 13:55 GMT
New low emissions label will be issued to ships that meet exhaust emission requirements.

Register to act as emissions verification body
07 Jan 2010 15:51 GMT
Shipping Register is authorized to act as verification body for pilot GHG trading scheme.

Supply infrastructure needed for LNG - source
06 Jan 2010 19:31 GMT
Supply chain, price and the availability of LNG in ports are said to be the key issues for non-gas carriers.

MOL: Eco-ships are not 'nebulous' ships of the future
04 Jan 2010 16:08 GMT
MOL President says next-generation vessels are 'eminently feasible' and based on a realistic vision of the future.

EU Commission: Official document
04 Jan 2010 09:14 GMT
Commission Recommendation on the safe implementation of the use of low sulphur fuel.

Eight-month low sulphur transition period begins
04 Jan 2010 07:51 GMT
Ship owners given eight-month period to retrofit vessels for the consumption of 0.1 % sulphur fuel.

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