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Home » News » Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q3 2009

Regulation, Legislation & Legal News - Q3 2009

EU to propose 20% emissions cut
29 Sep 2009 09:22 GMT
EU likely to present emissions reduction proposal for shipping at climate meeting.

World Maritime Day focuses on GHG issue
24 Sep 2009 15:28 GMT
IMO says 2009 theme is in recognition of the 'intense focus' the ship emissions issue is receiving.

Associations back cap and trade scheme
24 Sep 2009 07:26 GMT
Shipping industry associations from five countries launch paper in favour of global trading scheme.

Intertanko MD calls for consistency
23 Sep 2009 10:27 GMT
Peter Swift says shipowners seek consistency in international regulations and global governance.

Jamaica: Maritime Authority calls for emissions framework
22 Sep 2009 09:19 GMT
Director of Legal Affairs says Jamaica has an obligation to implement measures to reduce emissions from ships.

Bunker spill captain faces court in November
15 Sep 2009 09:16 GMT
The master of the Pacific Adventurer faces a charge of disposal of oil in coastal waters.

Wärtsilä applauds scrubber certification
11 Sep 2009 07:26 GMT
Finnish manufacturer says it aims to be a 'significant supplier' of exhaust gas cleaning technology.

DNV certifies first SOx exhaust gas scrubber
09 Sep 2009 09:09 GMT
Classification society issues a compliance certificate to ship fitted with exhaust gas cleaning system.

DNV releases guide to reducing ship emissions
07 Sep 2009 07:42 GMT
New guide provides details of the latest MARPOL Annex VI requirements.

Oil spill rule for non-tank vessels announced
02 Sep 2009 10:14 GMT
Proposed rule aims to increase response preparedness for non-tank vessels carrying oil in US waters.

Norway proposes SECA extension
26 Aug 2009 11:15 GMT
Norway looks to extend the Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) to protect its waters.

New VLCC complies with fuel oil tank regulations
21 Aug 2009 11:02 GMT
Separate normal and low-sulphur systems will allow for SOx emissions management.

Svalbard Governor calls for heavy fuel ban
18 Aug 2009 09:08 GMT
Governor says he is in favour of a ban on the use and carriage of heavy fuel on ships.

ABS to issue air pollution certificates
07 Aug 2009 14:10 GMT
Classification society is authorized to verify the compliance of US vessels with MARPOL Annex VI.

EPA to hold ship emissions hearing
04 Aug 2009 09:19 GMT
Protection agency to hold public hearing on its plans to implement tougher emissions controls.

North American ECA proposal approved
23 Jul 2009 10:36 GMT
Draft amendments will be submitted to MEPC 60 for adoption in 2010.

Antarctic fuel ban approved for adoption in 2010
23 Jul 2009 09:13 GMT
Exceptions envisaged for vessels involved in search and rescue or safety operations.

MARPOL amendments: ship-to-ship oil transfer
23 Jul 2009 07:31 GMT
Ammendments adopted for the transfer of oil cargo between tankers at sea.

Shipping 'overlooked' in UK low carbon plan
22 Jul 2009 07:04 GMT
UK's transport emissions strategy is criticized in a letter to the Department of Transport.

EGCSA: MARPOL amendments 'central' to scrubber adoption
21 Jul 2009 15:42 GMT
Association confident ECA implementation will act as a 'stepping-stone' for the development of scrubber technology.

MEPC to issue interim GHG measures
20 Jul 2009 07:27 GMT
IMO Committee to circulate a package of technical and operational measures to reduce GHGs.

IMO to assess bunker levy in work plan
17 Jul 2009 17:32 GMT
Committee agrees to implement new energy efficiency measures. IMO accused of 'anchor-dragging'.

IBIA issues BDR sulphur content warning
16 Jul 2009 17:55 GMT
Chief Executive warns of the 'failure' to put authentic sulphur content results on delivery receipts.

IMO criticized for 'sidestepping' bunker levy issue
16 Jul 2009 07:28 GMT
Ocean conservation group says other international bodies will need to take action.

Eco-group enters bunker levy revenue debate
13 Jul 2009 09:28 GMT
Organization says revenues could go towards helping developing countries fight climate change.

ECA and GHGs high on agenda at IMO meeting.
09 Jul 2009 14:13 GMT
MEPC to meet next week to discuss ship emissions, ECA and Antarctic fuel ban.

PMSA fails in court bid to prevent clean fuel regulations
03 Jul 2009 09:27 GMT
Court ruling says pollution from ships is 'substantial' and 'beyond any reasonable doubt'.

EPA proposes tough fuel standards for large ships
02 Jul 2009 11:04 GMT
Eco-agency reveals details of strategy to slash emissions from ocean-going ships.

Schwarzenegger welcomes clean fuel regulation
02 July 2009 09:29 GMT
Governor applauds new requirement for ships to burn distillate fuel in Californian waters.

Singapore Code of Practice comes into force
01 Jul 2009 11:02 GMT
SS 600 will aim to further enhance consistent practices in the delivery of bunkers in Singapore.

July 1st: New fuel-burning requirements in California
01 Jul 2009 09:27 GMT
Ship operators will be required to comply with new distillate fuel regulation from today.

July 1st: MSDS regulation comes into force
01 Jul 2009 07:23 GMT
MSDS to be supplied to ships carrying bunker fuels and MARPOL Annex I cargoes from today.

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