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Home » News » Environment News - Q3 2008

Environment News - Q3 2008

'Energy optimizing' agreement announced
29 Sep 2008 08:02 GMT
Møller: New technology can save owners between $0.5m and $3m per year in bunker costs

VTA 'fuel saving' technology is revealed
26 Sep 2008 17:25 GMT
New turbocharger technology delivers 'higher fuel savings than expected'.

STG chairman examines eco-opportunities
26 Sep 2008 09:39 GMT
Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions are considered.

Bunker-saving solution is launched
26 Sep 2008 08:04 GMT
Finnish firm reveals integrated propulsion and manoeuvring solution for energy optimization.

DNV urges owners to be more proactive
25 Sep 2008 11:15 GMT
Cramer: 'Most companies have not allocated internal resources to optimise fuel consumption'.

Joint industry project aims to reduce bunker costs
25 Sep 2008 09:51 GMT
Fuel optimization project focuses on providing solutions for existing ships.

Skysails tech partner announced
25 Sep 2008 08:02 GMT
Wind propulsion system to use Norwegian technology to operate towing kites.

New fuel-saving service is launched
24 Sep 2008 17:25 GMT
Service aims to help owners understand fuel consumption patterns and reduce costs.

Norwegian firm develops fuel-saving system
24 Sep 2008 08:01 GMT
New sensor technology aims to increase vessel fuel efficiency.

DK Group joins eco-project
23 Sep 2008 14:48 GMT
Marine innovation company enters 'Danish Green Ship of the Future' project.

EPA vessel leaks marine diesel
23 Sep 2008 08:03 GMT
Environmental agency vessel discharges 1400 gallons into the Elizabeth River.

Shipping firms urged to prepare for Bunker Convention
22 Sep 2008 08:02 GMT
MPA encourages shipping community to get ready for oil pollution convention.

EPA to host pollution control event
19 Sep 2008 09:35 GMT
Environmental cleanup and pollution control conference to be held in October.

Australian eco-monitor requests lube spill debrief
15 Sep 2008 09:55 GMT
Port of Melbourne Corporation asked to attend oil spill meeting.

WMS to launch environmental product concept
12 Sep 2008 09:48 GMT
Emission reduction systems included in new line of "all-inclusive" products.

Study: More soot from tugs than any other vessel
10 Sep 2008 09:51 GMT
Researchers reveal conclusions from comprehensive soot emission study.

Low fuel consumption engines to be developed
09 Sep 2008 11:12 GMT
Manufacturers to construct engines with low fuel consumption that comply with emissions regulations.

Study: Cleaner fuels have zero GHG impact
09 Sep 2008 08:03 GMT
Researchers claim use of cleaner fuels has a net zero impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Conference to cover Marpol Annex VI
08 Sep 2008 09:45 GMT
Mumbai event to address implications for fuel supply and shipping costs.

Oil spill prevention device launched
02 Sep 2008 08:02 GMT
US firm designs device to prevent fuel spilling at the time of refueling.

Fuel cell-powered ship launched in Hamburg
01 Sep 2008 08:07 GMT
Ceremony to inaugurate the world's first passenger ship powered by fuel cells.

Cargo ships to submit oil spill response plans
28 Aug 2008 08:02 GMT
Coast Guard begins enforcement of oil spill response plans for "nontank" vessels.

Ship extension project aims to reduce costs
27 Aug 2008 11:41 GMT
Small rise in energy consumption is set to reduce operating costs and environmental impact.

Zero emissions yacht to be launched in October
21 Aug 2008 10:04 GMT
Revolutionary hybrid combines diesel, solar and electric power.

German firm supplies fuel savings system
21 Aug 2008 09:03 GMT
Decision support system aims to reduce fuel costs and ship emissions.

California to host emissions workshop
20 Aug 2008 11:33 GMT
ARB meeting to discuss greenhouse gas reduction measures.

High bunker prices help idiotfish
18 Aug 2008 11:21 GMT
Price of marine fuel helps protect declining population in British Columbia.

Indian firm coats ship in bid to reduce bunker costs
07 Aug 2008 09:58 GMT
Shipping company aims to lower fuel consumption with latest coating technology.

2,000-litre bunker spill in Yellow Sea
05 Aug 2008 10:07 GMT
Clean-up work in progress after bunker tanker leaks fuel oil following collision.

Marine fuel catalysts tackle GHG issue
04 Aug 2008 12:14 GMT
EPA-registered marine fuel catalysts are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Oregon Attorney General threatens to sue EPA
01 Aug 2008 11:56 GMT
Hardy Myers gives EPA formal notice of intent to sue within 180 days.

California threatens to sue EPA
31 Jul 2008 13:09 GMT
Attorney General to hold news conference today on plans to sue Environmental Protection Agency.

Second oil spill in New Orleans
31 Jul 2008 08:02 GMT
Shipping traffic is halted for six hours as barge leaks a further 2,500 gallons of fuel oil.

US legislation paves the way for scrubbing technology
29 Jul 2008 08:03 GMT
Seawater scrubbing will enable operators to reduce ship emissions and fuel costs.

Californian ports expand clean fuel choices
28 Jul 2008 11:30 GMT
Low-sulphur MDO included as fuel option for air quality program in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

OOCL joins Climate Change Business Forum
25 Jul 2008 10:08 GMT
Shipping firm joins intiative to promote best practice in the reduction of emissions.

California adopts ban on heavy fuel oil
25 Jul 2008 08:06 GMT
ARB measure will require vessels to use marine distillates in California from 2009.

400,000-gallon fuel oil spill in New Orleans
24 Jul 2008 08:14 GMT
Collision causes barge to leak no. 6 fuel oil into the Mississippi river.

Felixstowe invests in oil spill equipment
17 Jul 2008 10:16 GMT
UK's largest container port takes delivery of new oil spill containment booms.

GAC refuels Earthrace in record time
15 Jul 2008 08:02 GMT
Quick turnaround at Cochin Port enables Earthrace to clinch the world’s fastest eco-boat title.

US bunker spill cleanup is completed
14 Jul 2008 08:02 GMT
'Pre-booming' measures aid oil spill containment and cleanup operations.

Shipping lines sign up to low-sulphur initiative
10 Jul 2008 08:02 GMT
Cargo vessel operators agree to take part in San Pedro Bay low-sulphur incentive program.

Phlippines acts to avoid bunker spill
07 Jul 2008 11:30 GMT
Coast Guard discusses strategies to prevent capsized ferry from leaking bunker fuel off Sibuyan.

Shipping index evaluates operators' green credentials
03 Jul 2008 12:10 GMT
Clean Shipping Index to rank ship operators by environmental performance.

IMO reports progress on GHG issue
02 Jul 2008 12:36 GMT
Oslo meeting covers CO2 design index for ships and economic instruments with GHG-reduction potential.

Consortium completes 'ecospeed' project
01 Jul 2008 12:02 GMT
Eco-friendly programme aims to reduce ship emissions by 20-30 percent.

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