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Home » News » Environment News - Q2 2008

Environment News - Q2 2008

Sea scrubbing solution for North American ECA
20 Jun 2008 12:49 GMT
Approval of scrubbing technology opens the way for emissions control area in North America.

SSA backs emissions-reducing measures
19 Jun 2008 08:08 GMT
Association supports initiatives to reduce CO2 and sulphur from ships.

Hong Kong studies emission-reducing initiatives
17 Jun 2008 13:45 GMT
Report identifies solutions for tackling ship emissions in the Pearl River Delta.

IMO emissions meeting to be held next week
16 Jun 2008 17:35 GMT
Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships to meet in Oslo.

Schwarzenegger supports bunker spill legislation
13 Jun 2008 10:01 GMT
Hancock: Governor's oil spill prevention plan is 'window dressing'.

Nanotech paper sops up bunker spills
13 Jun 2008 09:09 GMT
Scientists develop groundbreaking nanowire mesh that can absorb up to 20 times its weight in oil.

ARB proposes heavy fuel ban in California
11 Jun 2008 10:01 GMT
Regulation would require ships to only use marine distillates in Californian waters.

Emissions forum takes place in Dubai
11 Jun 2008 08:40 GMT
UAE event tackles topic of shipping emissions and energy efficiency.

ARB hosts Air Pollution Seminar
10 Jun 2008 11:42 GMT
Seminar evaluates emission control technologies for ocean going vessels.

60 dead penguins found after bunker spill
09 Jun 2008 11:42 GMT
Dead Magellanic Penguins washed up on coast of Uruguay following fuel oil leak.

Syros owners claim bunker spill was 14mt
09 Jun 2008 10:03 GMT
Owners of ship involved in fuel oil spill say leak was lower than initial estimates.

Asian shipowners urge IMO to address CO2 issue
06 Jun 2008 10:41 GMT
Forum Committee says issue of CO2 emissions needs to be urgently reviewed.

Costamare ships sign up to CO2 index
06 Jun 2008 08:05 GMT
Greek shipping firm implements CO2 index on five large containerships.

Shipping industry committed to 'kick the CO2 habit'
05 Jun 2008 10:13 GMT
World Environment Day: Global shipping lines emphasize their commitment.

Bunker spill off Montevideo
05 Jun 2008 09:08 GMT
Fuel oil spill off the coast of Uruguay releases 145cbm into the sea.

Low emission tug wins Clean Air Technology Award
03 Jun 2008 10:14 GMT
Environmental Protection Agency applauds 'world's first true hybrid' tug .

San Pedro wins Clean Air Excellence Award
02 Jun 2008 12:11 GMT
Port complex is chosen for its impact and innovation in improving air quality.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen calls for cuts in CO2 emissions
28 May 2008 17:35 GMT
CEO urges the maritime industry to take steps to preserve the maritime environment.

Oil spill recovery vessel tender announced
27 May 2008 17:35 GMT
Tender launched for oil pollution recovery vessels along the Atlantic European coast.

US bill to cut ship emissions is approved
23 May 2008 08:23 GMT
Senate Committee approves measure for ships in US waters to burn cleaner fuel.

MPA wins Environment Protection Award
15 May 2008 11:10 GMT
Oil sludge-into-construction material recycling technology wins award in Singapore.

Singapore firm pays for US bunker spill
14 May 2008 12:35 GMT
Shipping company is fined $27,500 for oil spill in Seattle in 2007.

Marshall Islands accedes to five UN conventions
13 May 2008 09:12 GMT
Pacific Ocean nation accedes to UN treaties on marine pollution and safety

MPA issues air pollution warning
08 May 2008 09:10 GMT
Port Authority issues warning regarding air pollution and excessive smoke in Singapore.

EMSA adds oil spill recovery vessel
07 May 2008 12:24 GMT
Network of stand-by oil spill recovery vessels in the Baltic Sea is strengthened.

EMSA to launch new pollution programme
07 May 2008 07:13 GMT
Marine Pollution Expert Exchange Programme to be launched by EMSA in June.

Senate approves MARPOL Annex VI measure
29 Apr 2008 16:21 GMT
Senate Committee approves legislation to enforce air emission regulations.

Shipping industry not ready for biofuel
24 Apr 2008 11:47 GMT
Lloyd's Register CEO says world fleet would be unable to cope with the increase in demand for biofuel.

CARB to consider Emission Reduction Plan
22 Apr 2008 09:20 GMT
California Air Resources Board to examine implementation of plan this week.

Georgiopoulos launches green private equity fund
17 Apr 2008 07:24 GMT
Equity fund to invest in businesses dedicated to emissions reduction and energy efficiency.

PACCSHIP pleads guilty to concealing oil pollution
08 Apr 2008 11:16 GMT
Ship operator to pay US$1.7 million for improper discharge of oil-contaminated waste.

20,000 barrels of fuel oil removed from grounded barge
07 Apr 2008 13:42 GMT
Emergency fuel oil transfer carried out as barge runs aground in Florida.

MEPC approves reduction in sulphur emissions
07 Apr 2008 08:17 GMT
IMO Committee decides on progressive reduction of global sulphur cap and new limits in SECAs.

Mitropoulos defends shipping's environmental record
01 Apr 2008 10:28 GMT
IMO Secretary-General hits back at shipping's green critics in MEPC opening address.

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