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BUNKER INDEX :: Price Index, News and Directory Information for the Marine Fuel Industry
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First U.S. warship to receive biofuels from partner nation

21 Jun 2016 09:16 GMT

Italian Navy supplied the USS Mason with biofuels in Naples on 16th June.

On 16th June, in Naples, Italy, Ray Mabus, the Secretary of the Navy, visited U.S. Naval Support Activity Naples (a US Navy base) along with Chief of the Italian Navy, Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Joseph M. Bryan.

The group visited USS Mason (DDG 87), a guided missile destroyer, to observe the role of the ship in the Great Green Fleet (GGF) initiative. The highlight of the visit was the refuelling of Mason by an Italian oiler using advanced alternative fuel. This, in fact, is the first time ever a U.S. Navy warship has received biofuels from a partner nation's oiler.

The thinking behind the GGF initiative is to make Marines and Sailors better fighters, who can deliver more firepower, stay longer and go further. Mabus believes that this initiative is a positive step forwards for everyone involved. The Secretary of the Navy has long been a champion of alternative energy sources. Mabus announced back in 2009, his intention to increase these, while reducing the Navy's reliance on foreign oil sources as well as their energy consumption.

Commanding officer of Mason, Commander Christopher J. Gilbertson, enthused: "To be the first ship to receive biofuels from a counterpart nation, and realize the agreement made two years ago so quickly is significant. Enabling our nation's independence from foreign oil and providing a means for our ships to go farther and stay on station longer in support of our missions is critical."

The GGF initiative show the Navy's commitment to alternative energy by utilizing energy efficient fuels and systems during operational missions. Mason's ships recently scored above average in many areas of energy efficiency.

"There's really one goal - sustainability," said Mabus. "There are also strategic goals to it. The main reason for doing this is to make us better war fighters and to make us a better Navy. It's to keep the vulnerability away because fuel can be used as a weapon. It's about having options before you get your fuel and what type of fuel you get. It gives us flexibility and it makes us better at what we do."

USS Mason is to hold a reception during a port visit to Italy for various representatives and key delegates to help emphasize the partnership between the U.S. and Italy, and their shared commitment to energy conservation.

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