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Home » News » News Archive - May 2013

News Archive - May 2013

Zeebrugge: LNG jetty understructure completed
30 May 2013 18:05 GMT
Jetty for loading and unloading LNG carriers is scheduled to enter into service in 2015.

Fuel-saving ships nominated for award
30 May 2013 13:02 GMT
Award will be presented to the vessel considered to have made the greatest contribution towards energy efficiency.

Fuel oil stocks rise in Singapore
30 May 2013 12:26 GMT
Inventories increase to their second-highest level since February 27.

Global Vision Market Report
30 May 2013 12:21 GMT

Market Briefing
30 May 2013 10:33 GMT
Awaiting U.S. data - expect market jitters (Brent: $102.1).

Rotterdam Market Report
30 May 2013 10:21 GMT

Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel established
30 May 2013 09:12 GMT
NGO launched to help encourage safety and best practice relating to the supply of LNG as a marine fuel.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
30 May 2013 05:37 GMT

Praxis Market Update
29 May 2013 14:25 GMT

MHI to launch LNG project unit
29 May 2013 12:19 GMT
New department to develop plans for projects related to the development of LNG facilities.

Global Vision Market Report
29 May 2013 11:58 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
29 May 2013 10:18 GMT

Market Briefing
29 May 2013 07:54 GMT
Weapons embargo lifted in Syria (Brent: $104.1).

Gazprom Neft sets 2025 bunker target
29 May 2013 07:41 GMT
Russian oil firm reveals its retail sales objectives for 2025.

Aegean launches syndication of $800m credit facilities
29 May 2013 06:42 GMT
Credit facilities are expected to be used for the financing of working capital.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 May 2013 05:38 GMT

Fujairah terminal to get the green light
28 May 2013 15:55 GMT
New storage terminal is due to be commissioned at the end of this month.

ECO Research Centre launched in Singapore
28 May 2013 13:14 GMT
First project will be 'Analytical Ship Performance Evaluation and Management'.

Global Vision Market Report
28 May 2013 12:48 GMT

Praxis Market Update
28 May 2013 12:31 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
28 May 2013 10:34 GMT

Market Briefing
28 May 2013 08:11 GMT
Some volatility expected after U.S. key numbers later today (Brent: 103.0).

Bunker supplier expands St. Petersburg fleet
28 May 2013 08:01 GMT
Oil tanker to be used for the delivery of marine fuel at the port of St. Petersburg.

Curoil appoints commercial team member
28 May 2013 06:35 GMT
Administrative Assistant replaces Johana Restrepo, who is moving to another post within the company.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
28 May 2013 05:08 GMT

Wind power R&D update
24 May 2013 16:13 GMT
Trials carried out to discover new methods of using wind to power ships.

Defining the 'Eco' ship
24 May 2013 15:52 GMT
Taking a look at what the terms 'eco' and 'sustainable' actually mean.

High distillate costs could have 'dramatic' impact on trade
24 May 2013 15:21 GMT
Spokesperson questions how operators will be able to cope with extra distillate fuel costs as a result of legislation.

Global Vision Market Report
24 May 2013 15:12 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
24 May 2013 10:57 GMT

Cochin customs procedures streamlined to promote bunkering
24 May 2013 09:14 GMT
Companies will be able to file applications and obtain clearance for bunker deliveries after office hours and during holidays.

Market Briefing
24 May 2013 08:29 GMT
Volatile market - macroeconomic news on the agenda (Brent: $102.2).

Long Beach adopts Energy Policy
23 May 2013 17:45 GMT
Plan will promote efficiency, conservation and innovation.

Praxis Market Update
23 May 2013 15:22 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
23 May 2013 15:12 GMT

Safety measure to protect Australian reef from pollution
23 May 2013 12:51 GMT
Ship routing measure will aim to reduce the risk of ship-sourced pollution in Western Australia.

Rotterdam Market Report
23 May 2013 10:21 GMT

Market Briefing
23 May 2013 10:08 GMT
Fear of dwindling growth in China and Bernanke comments (Brent: $101.6).

Shell Diesel Extra for marine engines
23 May 2013 09:02 GMT
Shell launches product for marine engines in Oman.

First decline in fuel oil stocks in four weeks
23 May 2013 08:35 GMT
Fuel oil inventories decrease in Singapore, but remain at their second-highest level since February 27.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
23 May 2013 06:12 GMT

Pacific Fuels International exits retail bunkering
22 May 2013 18:15 GMT
Colombian firm to focus on the sale of fuel oil and crude oil cargoes to clients.

Praxis Market Update
22 May 2013 15:23 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
22 May 2013 11:14 GMT

Market Briefing
22 May 2013 11:01 GMT
No short-term change in QE3 - awaiting Bernanke’s comments (Brent: $103.2).

Rotterdam Market Report
22 May 2013 10:53 GMT

36 vessels could pose oil pollution threat
22 May 2013 08:16 GMT
Sunken vessels are recommended for further assessment and potential removal of fuel oil.

Finnish LNG project announced
22 May 2013 05:46 GMT
Joint project aims to develop LNG sourcing and shipping in Finland.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 May 2013 0509 GMT

New system monitors fuel consumption
22 May 2013 04:55 GMT
Marine computer system can control wind and solar power devices and monitor fuel consumption.

Global Vision Market Report
21 May 2013 14:42 GMT

Praxis Market Update
21 May 2013 14:42 GMT

MEPC 65 overview
21 May 2013 14:04 GMT
IMO pushes forward with energy-efficiency implementation.

Bunker fuel report released in Canada
21 May 2013 11:13 GMT
Study examines fuel alternatives, emissions regulations and incentive programs.

Rotterdam Market Report
21 May 2013 10:31 GMT

Market Briefing
21 May 2013 08:26 GMT
Middle East unrest and debate about continued QE (Brent: $104.7).

Dan-Bunkering appoints trader in Monaco
21 May 2013 08:18 GMT
Bunker company reveals new addition to its Monaco-based trading operation.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
21 May 2013 05:28 GMT

SHFE could trade 380-cst bonded fuel oil futures
20 May 2013 21:04 GMT
Futures exchange to look into the feasibility of launching a platform for the trade of 380-cst bonded fuel oil futures.

Praxis Market Update
20 May 2013 14:51 GMT

Castrol increases availability of 80 BN cylinder oil
20 May 2013 12:40 GMT
Lubricant supplier now offering its 80 BN product in 35 ports as a result of increased demand.

Total buys Shell's downstream business in Egypt
20 May 2013 12:02 GMT
Lubricants business to be retained as part of the deal.

New cruise line to launch fuel-efficient vessel
20 May 2013 08:17 GMT
Cruise line business to launch its first vessel in 2015.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
20 May 2013 07:33 GMT

Praxis Market Update
17 May 2013 14:20 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
17 May 2013 14:08 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
17 May 2013 10:57 GMT

Another Dan-Bunkering trader moves to Dubai
17 May 2013 10:41 GMT
Arjun Sundar is expected to use his knowledge of the Indian bunker market to contribute towards the development of the business.

Project to relieve barge congestion in Houston
17 May 2013 09:17 GMT
Plan to expand storage and provide additional capacity to handle up to 50 barges per month.

Market Briefing
17 May 2013 08:14 GMT
No important short-term news (Brent: $103.6).

Singapore Market Commentary
17 May 2013 06:13 GMT

GAC Bunker Fuels names Business Development Manager
17 May 2013 00:41 GMT
Ashan Silva to drive expansion in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Indian Subcontinent.

Singapore fuel oil stocks at 5-month high
16 May 2013 12:48 GMT
Inventory levels have skyrocketed 35 percent in just three weeks in Singapore.

Rotterdam Market Report
16 May 2013 10:23 GMT

Market Briefing
16 May 2013 07:18 GMT
Getting ready for driving season (Brent: $103.2).

ABB to step up promotion of Valve Control Management
16 May 2013 07:09 GMT
System helps a turbocharger to manage air actively so that an engine can operate at different speeds, loads and ambient conditions.

Shipper achieves 'C' efficiency rating
16 May 2013 06:45 GMT
Rating puts shipping firm in the top one-third for energy efficiency.

Aegean net income up 20% in Q1
16 May 2013 05:58 GMT
Bunker supplier reports rise in net income despite fall in revenues and volume sold.

Singapore Market Commentary
16 May 2013 04:22 GMT

International Bunkering appoints three traders
15 May 2013 17:38 GMT
Kim Gade, Fernando Manuel Tirado Lenador and Abdur Rahman join the company's trading team in Dubai.

Invoicing error sees broker saddled with bill for bunker supply
15 May 2013 15:25 GMT
Shipbroker is asked to pay for a bunker supply amounting to more than three-quarters of a million dollars.

Global Vision Market Report
15 May 2013 14:32 GMT

Gas warning: 'Companies face potential manslaughter charges'
15 May 2013 12:45 GMT
Maritime firms are warned of the risk of not having maintained and certified gas detectors.

Rotterdam Market Report
15 May 2013 10:38 GMT

'Strong' performance by DNV
15 May 2013 09:51 GMT
Revenues increased by 27 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Market Briefing
15 May 2013 08:35 GMT
Match fixing in the oil market? (Brent: $102.3).

Benefits of LNG highlighted at US event
15 May 2013 07:30 GMT

Singapore Market Commentary
15 May 2013 06:51 GMT

Praxis Market Update
14 May 2013 14:51 GMT

Dan-Bunkering trader relocates to Dubai
14 May 2013 13:50 GMT
Bunker trader Anders Bønnelykke will join Kasper Fulton Stiedl, Pooja Sangani and Raj Kiran Wuddi in Dubai.

Global Vision Market Report
14 May 2013 13:27 GMT

Mashreq to build Suez Canal terminal and provide bunkering
14 May 2013 13:08 GMT
Mashreq Petroleum signs deal that will allow it to build the first independent tank terminal in Egypt.

Rotterdam Market Report
14 May 2013 10:13 GMT

Bunker sales up 8.5% in Singapore
14 May 2013 09:18 GMT
Sales of marine fuel rise for the second consecutive month, but accumulated volumes remain 1.6% below 2012 levels.

Market Briefing
14 May 2013 07:21 GMT
OPEC meeting later this month (Brent: $102.9).

Emissions monitoring system wins award
14 May 2013 06:50 GMT
Monitoring technology wins Clean Shipping award in London.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
14 May 2013 05:35 GMT

Sekimizu addresses MEPC 65
13 May 2013 14:44 GMT
IMO Secretary-General speaks at the opening of the 65th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee.

Praxis Market Update
13 May 2013 14:03 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
13 May 2013 11:59 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
13 May 2013 10:12 GMT

Teekay selects fuel-saving engine
13 May 2013 08:51 GMT
Engine to be fitted on four product tankers.

Market Briefing
13 May 2013 08:18 GMT
Arab spring – aftermath (Brent: $103.2).

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
13 May 2013 06:33 GMT

GS Caltex to begin supplying 500-cst - source
13 May 2013 06:16 GMT
South Korean supplier set to begin carrying out deliveries of 500-centistoke fuel next week.

New requirement for bunkering in Suez
10 May 2013 18:24 GMT
Written approval required for owners' matters at least 24 hours prior to arrival in Suez.

Praxis Market Update
10 May 2013 15:32 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
10 May 2013 12:37 GMT

Crowley acquires Carib Energy
10 May 2013 12:13 GMT
Crowley enters the LNG market. LNG bunkering forms part of future business strategy.

Rotterdam Market Report
10 May 2013 10:18 GMT

MEPC to meet for 65th session
10 May 2013 08:44 GMT
Guidelines on energy efficiency measures and the development of a study for an updated GHG emissions estimate will be on the agenda.

Market Briefing
10 May 2013 07:14 GMT
Mixed news on a slow oil-news day (Brent: $104.1).

Dan-Bunkering trader moves to Singapore
10 May 2013 07:04 GMT
Shanghai trader joins Dan-Bunkering's marketing team in Singapore.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
10 May 2013 05:51 GMT

Canada aligns emissions measures with the US
09 May 2013 20:11 GMT
Government adopts strict environmental standards to reduce air emissions from ships navigating in Canadian waters.

Praxis Market Update
09 May 2013 15:02 GMT

Fuel oil stocks rise to 9-week high in Singapore
09 May 2013 13:33 GMT
Inventory levels have jumped 19.4 percent in just two weeks in Singapore.

Contract to build fuel-saving fishing vessel
09 May 2013 08:49 GMT
New vessel will offer fuel savings of around 30 percent or more, says fishing firm.

LNG set to fuel the future of shipping
09 May 2013 08:19 GMT
LNG is destined to become a key marine fuel in the future, says technology firm.

Oil spill recovery equipment tests
09 May 2013 07:04 GMT
Tests are said to show that steam injection is the best solution for keeping heavy oil viscous enough for easy loading and offloading.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
09 May 2013 05:42 GMT

Risler promotes bunker traders
08 May 2013 22:21 GMT
Argentinian bunker supplier promotes traders Emilce Iglesias and Marcela Barragán.

Praxis Market Update
08 May 2013 14:27 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
08 May 2013 12:52 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
08 May 2013 12:23 GMT

Singapore's LNG terminal open for business
08 May 2013 09:01 GMT
LNG terminal has received its first commercial cargo and commenced commercial operations.

Dan-Bunkering relocates another trader to Dubai
08 May 2013 08:28 GMT
Experienced trader to join Kasper Fulton Stiedl and Pooja Sangani in the United Arab Emirates.

Market Briefing
08 May 2013 07:14 GMT
Something's brewing in Syria (Brent: $104.3).

Petrobras to double in size in seven years
08 May 2013 06:59 GMT
CEO highlights 'pre-salt' layer and growing demand for aviation kerosene, gasoline and diesel.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
08 May 2013 05:35 GMT

Praxis Market Update
07 May 2013 15:22 GMT

GE applies variable frequency to reduce fuel consumption
07 May 2013 12:28 GMT
Power and propulsion system is said to reduce fuel consumption by controlling engine speed on platform support vessels.

FuelTrax obtains EU patent protection
07 May 2013 12:02 GMT
EU patent covers nine European countries.

Rotterdam Market Report
07 May 2013 10:32 GMT

Market Briefing
07 May 2013 07:45 GMT
Watch for "ketchup effect" today (Brent: $104.9).

Buckeye posts 71.7% rise in Q1 net income
07 May 2013 07:17 GMT
'Excellent' financial results driven primarily by the performance of Buckeye's pipelines and terminals segment.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
07 May 2013 04:53 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
06 May 2013 10:23 GMT

Market Briefing
06 May 2013 07:36 GMT
Oil prices up on job numbers from the U.S. - Middle East worries (Brent: $104.6).

WTI vs BIX price comparison
06 May 2013 07:29 GMT
Analysis of WTI crude vs the BIX global bunker price.

Singapore MGO vs ICE Gas Oil
06 May 2013 07:07 GMT
Analysis of Singapore marine gas oil and ICE Gas Oil prices.

Fujairah 380-cst down 2.5 percent in April
06 May 2013 06:37 GMT
Fifth decline in seven months at the Middle East's leading bunker port.

Singapore Market Commentary
06 May 2013 06:08 GMT

Praxis Market Update
03 May 2013 14:14 GMT

Brent vs BIX price comparison
03 May 2013 13:26 GMT
Analysis of Brent crude vs the BIX global bunker price.

Aegean to discuss Q1 results
03 May 2013 13:07 GMT
Supplier to hold conference call and webcast following the announcement of its Q1 results later this month.

Global Vision Market Report
03 May 2013 11:26 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
03 May 2013 11:18 GMT

Dan-Bunkering trader moves to Dubai
03 May 2013 09:15 GMT
Experienced trader will form part of Dan-Bunkering's new trading team in the United Arab Emirates.

Market Briefing
03 May 2013 07:15 GMT
ECB "open minded" to bold experiments (Brent: $102.6).

Kasbar to present at Boston event
03 May 2013 07:02 GMT
World Fuel Services CEO to give presentation at transportation conference.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
03 May 2013 05:53 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
02 May 2013 16:28 GMT

Praxis Market Update
02 May 2013 14:37 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
02 May 2013 10:26 GMT

Market Briefing
02 May 2013 08:21 GMT
A day full of key economic numbers - volatile oil prices (Brent: $99.9).

International Bunkering promotes staff member
02 May 2013 07:56 GMT
Jesper Porsmose is promoted to the role of Senior Bunker and Lubricant Trader.

Bunker Index (BIX) statistical summary
02 May 2013 06:05 GMT
Key monthly Bunker Index (BIX) data provided in price summary.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
02 May 2013 05:46 GMT

April the most volatile month since August
02 May 2013 05:42 GMT
BIX data shows that bunker price volatility in April rose to its highest level in eight months.

Rotterdam 380-cst down $19 in April
02 May 2013 05:18 GMT
Last month's decrease is the fifth over a seven-month period.

Singapore 380-cst average down 2.9% in April
02 May 2013 04:51 GMT
World's leading bunker port records the lowest monthly 380-cst average since December.

BIX monthly average drops to lowest level since July
01 May 2013 13:28 GMT
Monthly global bunker average falls below $800 per tonne for only the third time since February 2011.

ABS releases exhaust gas scrubber advisory
01 May 2013 13:01 GMT
Advisory is designed to help operators assess the viability of utilizing exhaust scrubbers.

Bomin appoints trader in Hong Kong
01 May 2013 12:31 GMT
Experienced bunker trader joins the Bomin team in Hong Kong.

Rotterdam Market Report
01 May 2013 11:04 GMT

Market Briefing
01 May 2013 09:41 GMT
Saudis to boost production capacity? (Brent: $101.7).

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