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Home » News » News Archive - October 2010

News Archive - October 2010

Office move for Cockett South Africa
29 Oct 2010 16:32 GMT
Cockett Marine relocates to larger offices as part of its expansion strategy.

'Fuel-saving' monitoring system launched
29 Oct 2010 15:56 GMT
New system is said to achieve fuel cost savings of up to two percent.

Market Briefing
29 Oct 2010 13:12 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
29 Oct 2010 12:21 GMT

Praxis Market Update
29 Oct 2010 11:21 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
29 Oct 2010 11:13 GMT

Dual-fuel engines for Spanish vessel
29 Oct 2010 08:13 GMT
Newly-delivered LNG carrier is able to run on both gaseous and liquid fuels.

Eco-tug greener than initial estimates
29 Oct 2010 07:31 GMT
Independent testing confirms 'world’s first hybrid tug' significantly reduces emissions.

Oil spill exercise in Singapore
29 Oct 2010 06:21 GMT
SIBCON oil pollution exercise includes dispersant spraying aircraft.

Study highlights H2S limit concerns
29 Oct 2010 05:56 GMT
ISO 8217 specification 'not a good safeguard' against encountering H2S close to where the fuel is stored.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 Oct 2010 05:24 GMT

New bunker supplier in Morocco
28 Oct 2010 14:43 GMT
Supplier offering 380-cst and marine gas oil at a number of Moroccan ports.

Praxis Market Update
28 Oct 2010 14:27 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
28 Oct 2010 13:08 GMT

Market Briefing
28 Oct 2010 12:44 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
28 Oct 2010 12:37 GMT

Fuel-saving ship delivered to Royal Caribbean
28 Oct 2010 12:32 GMT
Allure of the Seas uses common-rail technology to achieve lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Fujairah terminal to 'spearhead' future growth
28 Oct 2010 08:14 GMT
Gulf Petrochem says terminal expansion project will provide it with a 'strategic advantage' to enter the bunkering arena.

Government 'committed' to developing Singapore
28 Oct 2010 07:07 GMT
Minister says the government remains committed to the continued development of Singapore as a leading bunkering port.

Praxis Market Update
27 Oct 2010 13:57 GMT

Market Briefing
27 Oct 2010 13:35 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
27 Oct 2010 13:14 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
27 Oct 2010 12:17 GMT

Bunkering guide launched at SIBCON
27 Oct 2010 09:16 GMT
Guide will aim to help companies act in compliance with industry regulations and best practice.

Supplier offers LSFO in Istanbul
27 Oct 2010 08:57 GMT
Company claims to be the first to offer a 'continuous' supply of 1% max. fuel oil in Istanbul.

Abu Dhabi seals first home port deal
27 Oct 2010 06:51 GMT
UAE capital strengthens its credentials in the cruise sector with MSC home port agreement.

SIBCON tackles policy and operational issues
27 Oct 2010 05:28 GMT
Key topics include research into mass flow metering and the viability of liquefied natural gas.

Cruise line rewarded for saving fuel
26 Oct 2010 20:46 GMT
Cruise operator wins award for reducing fuel consumption and preparing its ships for shoreside power.

Chemoil: Sales surge in Singapore
26 Oct 2010 14:32 GMT
Supplier is reported to have seen a significant rise in bunker sales in Singapore and Fujairah.

Hamburg Süd in Hong Kong MGO switch
26 Oct 2010 13:08 GMT
Hamburg Süd and Aliança in voluntary initiative to use low sulphur MGO in Hong Kong.

Global Vision Market Report
26 Oct 2010 12:22 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
26 Oct 2010 11:11 GMT

Market Briefing
26 Oct 2010 09:26 GMT

Agreement to build 'new generation' ferry
26 Oct 2010 07:18 GMT
Vessel construction project includes plan for cruise ferry to be powered by LNG.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
26 Oct 2010 05:47 GMT

Praxis Market Update
25 Oct 2010 13:20 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
25 Oct 2010 12:24 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
25 Oct 2010 11:14 GMT

Market Briefing
25 Oct 2010 10:03 GMT
Oil higher after soft G20 meeting (Brent: $83.8)

APL switches to low sulphur fuels in New York
25 Oct 2010 10:01 GMT
Shipping line to burn low sulphur fuels when calling at the US ports of New York and New Jersey.

Harley Marine takes delivery of barge
25 Oct 2010 09:11 GMT
Double-hulled petroleum barge to operate on the U.S. West Coast.

VTTI plans Cyprus terminal expansion
25 Oct 2010 08:42 GMT
Operator to push ahead with terminal growth despite plans to build a government-owned storage facility.

Superyacht growth in New Zealand
25 Oct 2010 07:13 GMT
Strong demand for luxury yachts set to drive marine industry growth in New Zealand.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
25 Oct 2010 05:59 GMT

Praxis Market Update
22 Oct 2010 13:22 GMT

Market Briefing
22 Oct 2010 11:32 GMT
Oil prices in the middle of the range on uncertain outlook for G20 (Brent: $82.5)

Global Vision Market Report
22 Oct 2010 11:31 GMT

Cargo throughput up 6% in St. Petersburg
22 Oct 2010 09:35 GMT
Key growth indicator said to be the 8.5 percent increase in export cargo volumes.

'Challenges ahead' for LNG fuel
22 Oct 2010 08:54 GMT
Event speaker says LNG offers great opportunities but there are also challenges ahead.

Record cruise ship calls for Seattle
22 Oct 2010 07:22 GMT
West Coast port brings in a record 223 vessel calls during the 2010 cruise season.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 Oct 2010 05:57 GMT

$100 oil prediction for 2011
21 Oct 2010 17:38 GMT
Oil forecast says crude is set to exceed $100 next year on higher-than-expected demand.

Praxis Market Update
21 Oct 2010 16:47 GMT

Philippines: Bunker spill causes 'calamity'
21 Oct 2010 16:42 GMT
Bunker fuel leaks from ship, marine life 'destroyed' in the north of the country.

Reichstett refinery to be converted into a terminal
21 Oct 2010 15:23 GMT
Petroplus confirms that it intends to cease refining at its Reichstett plant.

Global Vision Market Report
21 Oct 2010 12:35 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
21 Oct 2010 10:41 GMT

Market Briefing
21 Oct 2010 08:01 GMT
Oil higher on inventory data - muted today by Geithner comments (Brent: $83.3)

Bunkering halted at Shenzhen
21 Oct 2010 07:31 GMT
Guangdong province port is closed ahead of Typhoon Megi.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
21 Oct 2010 05:56 GMT

IBIA invites members to stand for election
20 Oct 2010 19:14 GMT
Members invited to put forward candidates to stand for election to the board in 2011.

Praxis Market Update
20 Oct 2010 15:07 GMT

Chimbusco to apply for Singapore licence - sources
20 Oct 2010 15:02 GMT
Chinese firm is expected to apply for a licence to supply marine fuel at the world's leading bunker port.

Glencore fuel oil trader resigns
20 Oct 2010 14:21 GMT
Fuel oil desk in Singapore is reported to have been left with one trader.

Global Vision Market Report
20 Oct 2010 12:43 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
20 Oct 2010 10:52 GMT

Market Briefing
20 Oct 2010 10:42 GMT
Oil drops on Chinese rate hike (Brent: $81.5)

Visibility warning in Singapore
20 Oct 2010 08:45 GMT
Presence of haze could affect visibility in the Singapore Strait.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
20 Oct 2010 05:52 GMT

GPSChemoil awards US$100m terminal contract
19 Oct 2010 20:06 GMT
Engineering, procurement and construction project is expected to take two years to complete.

Ship routing system integrates Google Earth
19 Oct 2010 19:21 GMT
New system aims to help fleet managers reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Praxis Market Update
19 Oct 2010 14:52 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
19 Oct 2010 12:16 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
19 Oct 2010 10:55 GMT

Market Briefing
19 Oct 2010 10:22 GMT
Oil higher on further French strikes (Brent: 83.8)

Andatee approves share repurchase plan
19 Oct 2010 07:25 GMT
Plan authorizes a buyback of the company's common stock up to a value of $0.5 million.

GPSChemoil secures phase four Fujairah financing
19 Oct 2010 07:01 GMT
Storage facility set to eclipse Helios Terminal capacity to become Chemoil's largest worldwide.

Name change for Port Kembla Marine Fuels
19 Oct 2010 06:14 GMT
Company to trade under the name Australian Marine Fuels from the end of this week.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
19 Oct 2010 05:42 GMT

Praxis Market Update
18 Oct 2010 15:31 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
18 Oct 2010 12:29 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
18 Oct 2010 11:52 GMT

Market Briefing
18 Oct 2010 10:21 GMT
Oil lower as US economic indicators lower the risk of quantitative easing (Brent: $81.6)

Philippines: Bunkering halted as Megi makes landfall
18 Oct 2010 10:01 GMT
Bunkering operations stopped in Manila and nearby ports as typhoon hits the northern region.

Fuel oil exports up in Saudi Arabia
18 Oct 2010 09:08 GMT
Rising export trend continues in October amid a period of weak demand in Asia and the Middle East.

MHI steps up low-speed engine testing
18 Oct 2010 06:36 GMT
New testing equipment to be used to verify that technologies satisfy new IMO emission standards.

WFS to hold conference call and webcast
18 Oct 2010 06:04 GMT
Management team to discuss the company's third quarter results in November conference call and webcast.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
18 Oct 2010 05:44 GMT

Praxis Market Update
15 Oct 2010 16:02 GMT

Brightoil takes delivery of ocean-going tankers
15 Oct 2010 13:52 GMT
New vessels will mainly be used for transporting fuel oil and crude oil internationally.

IFO prices plummet in the Med
15 Oct 2010 13:36 GMT
BIX MED 380 CST falls $10.11 per tonne as IFO levels tumble across the region.

Global Vision Market Report
15 Oct 2010 12:14 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
15 Oct 2010 10:42 GMT

Market Briefing
15 Oct 2010 10:03 GMT
Oil flat on mixed news (Brent: $84.1)

Sokhna to extend container capacity
15 Oct 2010 07:01 GMT
Bunker volumes set to soar in 2014 with the addition of new container capacity.

Agreement to manufacture shore power system
15 Oct 2010 06:17 GMT
Partnership to convert cold ironing system to support the global 50Hz market.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
15 Oct 2010 05:43 GMT

New process extracts hydrogen from seawater
14 Oct 2010 20:22 GMT
Generating hydrogen on demand from seawater to power ships is now possible, according to researchers.

Praxis Market Update
14 Oct 2010 15:52 GMT

Containership to cut CO2 emisisons by 35%
14 Oct 2010 15:21 GMT
New vessel uses proprietary air lubrication system to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

Global Vision Market Report
14 Oct 2010 13:24 GMT

Market Briefing
14 Oct 2010 10:54 GMT
Oil higher on FED speculation (Brent: $85.4)

Near-record sales for Singapore in September
14 Oct 2010 07:10 GMT
Asian port on course to sell over 40 million tonnes in 2010 as 380-cst volumes hit new record in September.

MOL in slow steaming breakthrough
14 Oct 2010 06:09 GMT
New development is expected to open up more opportunities for low-speed operation and fuel consumption reduction.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
14 Oct 2010 05:44 GMT

IBIA intervention on pretesting of fuels
13 Oct 2010 19:44 GMT
IBIA says the quality of fuel supplied is 'a commercial issue between buyer and seller'.

Praxis Market Update
13 Oct 2010 13:33 GMT

World Fuel Services appoints board member
13 Oct 2010 13:23 GMT
Ex-Deloitte & Touche partner to serve as a member of the Audit and Governance committees.

Global Vision Market Report
13 Oct 2010 12:42 GMT

Market Briefing
13 Oct 2010 11:25 GMT
Oil higher as FED signals more QE and price targeting (Brent: $84.4)

Rotterdam Market Report
13 Oct 2010 11:04 GMT

Chimbusco offering 380-cst at Fangcheng
13 Oct 2010 09:29 GMT
Chinese state supplier begins supplying 380-centistoke at Guangxi port.

Chennai mega terminal gets go-ahead
13 Oct 2010 08:19 GMT
Volumes set to skyrocket at Chennai with the construction of a new mega container terminal.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
13 Oct 2010 06:03 GMT

Fujairah project enters construction phase
12 Oct 2010 20:19 GMT
Project to build new storage terminal is expected to take around 17 months to complete.

Caribbean ECA approved for adoption
12 Oct 2010 15:53 GMT
Waters adjacent to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to be put forward for adoption at MEPC 62.

Praxis Market Update
12 Oct 2010 13:56 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
12 Oct 2010 13:33 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
12 Oct 2010 11:16 GMT

Market Briefing
12 Oct 2010 10:12 GMT
Oil heads towards old range on Saudi comments (Brent: $82.85)

Adams to chair fuel management conference
12 Oct 2010 09:22 GMT
IBIA Secretary General to chair upcoming event in Dubai.

Amsterdam sea terminal 'on schedule'
12 Oct 2010 07:22 GMT
Construction of a new storage terminal in Amsterdam is said to be progressing according to schedule.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
12 Oct 2010 05:53 GMT

Award for emissions control program
11 Oct 2010 18:42 GMT
Program aimed at identifying new emissions reduction technologies receives award.

Praxis Market Update
11 Oct 2010 16:37 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
11 Oct 2010 15:15 GMT

New address for APK
11 Oct 2010 14:02 GMT
Iranian bunker supplier moves to new office address.

CDH confirms product, barge availability
11 Oct 2010 13:32 GMT
French supplier continues to supply at Fos despite the ongoing strike.

Rotterdam Market Report
11 Oct 2010 10:43 GMT

Market Briefing
11 Oct 2010 08:41 GMT
Oil higher on no news from IMF (Brent: 84.3)

Jamaican cruise port nears completion
11 Oct 2010 07:57 GMT
Historic Falmouth Cruise Port is expected to open in January 2011.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
11 Oct 2010 05:42 GMT

9% throughput rise at Petersburg Oil Terminal
08 Oct 2010 15:46 GMT
Year-on-year throughput of oil products increases in September 2010.

APL switches to LSFO in Hong Kong
08 Oct 2010 14:32 GMT
Shipping line says voluntary switch will cut sulphur dioxide emissions from ships at port by 87 percent.

Global Vision Market Report
08 Oct 2010 13:13 GMT

Praxis Market Update
08 Oct 2010 12:51 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
08 Oct 2010 10:42 GMT

Market Briefing
08 Oct 2010 09:56 GMT
Oil in heavy drop after heavy increase (Brent: $83.2)

Refiners sell 30,000-tonne cargoes
08 Oct 2010 09:51 GMT
South Korean refiners sell cargoes of high-sulphur fuel oil for October-November delivery.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
08 Oct 2010 07:42 GMT

Oil rise forecast for Q4 2010
07 Oct 2010 17:40 GMT
Report says oil prices will increase moderately based on financials.

Praxis Market Update
07 Oct 2010 15:38 GMT

Pertamina investigates bunker spill
07 Oct 2010 14:22 GMT
Oil spill is said to have taken place during a refuelling operation in Cilacap.

Rotterdam Market Report
07 Oct 2010 13:16 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
07 Oct 2010 12:31 GMT

Market Briefing
07 Oct 2010 09:34 GMT
Oil higher on outlook for more Quantitative Easing (Brent: $85.4)

Statoil targets up to $850m in fuel unit IPO
07 Oct 2010 08:32 GMT
Shares are expected to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange later this month.

Wärtsilä in scrubber system partnership
07 Oct 2010 07:43 GMT
Wärtsilä in alliance with Ecospec to integrate CSNOx abatement system into various engine applications.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
07 Oct 2010 06:02 GMT

Shoreside power for San Francisco
06 Oct 2010 18:32 GMT
Ceremony held to launch shoreside electrical power for cruise ships at berth.

MSC fuel surcharge amended upwards
06 Oct 2010 14:33 GMT
New rates effective October 6th as container shipping line issues surcharge correction.

New venue for IBIA Annual Dinner
06 Oct 2010 13:44 GMT
IBIA's annual dinner will be held at Grosvenor House in 2011.

Praxis Market Update
06 Oct 2010 12:36 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
06 Oct 2010 12:28 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
06 Oct 2010 12:12 GMT

Market Briefing
06 Oct 2010 10:22 GMT
Oil higher on global quantitative easing expectations (Brent: $84.6)

IMO releases MEPC 61 update
06 Oct 2010 07:38 GMT

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
06 Oct 2010 06:16 GMT

MPA invites nominations for maritime awards
05 Oct 2010 17:28 GMT
The 2011 edition of the Singapore International Maritime Awards is now open for nominations.

Med MGO prices up $53.50 in a week
05 Oct 2010 17:13 GMT
Med MGO prices continue to rise as the BIX MED MGO jumps a further $10.30 per tonne.

Praxis Market Update
05 Oct 2010 14:29 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
05 Oct 2010 14:13 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
05 Oct 2010 10:46 GMT

Market Briefing
05 Oct 2010 09:47 GMT
Oil stabilising after heavy increases (Brent: $83.4)

K Line installs control system to cut bunker costs
05 Oct 2010 09:14 GMT
Shipping line aims to increase fuel economy with the installation of a new heading control system.

Design project aims to cut fuel costs by 15%
05 Oct 2010 08:43 GMT
New ferry design initiative targets 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
05 Oct 2010 05:52 GMT

Cruise line saves fuel with drives solution
04 Oct 2010 16:14 GMT
Annual fuel consumption is said to have been reduced by up to 1,600 tonnes per vessel.

Praxis Market Update
04 Oct 2010 14:21 GMT

Global Vision Market Report
04 Oct 2010 14:11 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
04 Oct 2010 12:33 GMT

Fujairah 380-cst average drops 2% in September
04 Oct 2010 11:22 GMT
$9 per tonne decrease in the average price of 380-centistoke in Fujairah.

Market Briefing
04 Oct 2010 08:53 GMT
Oil higher on risk of more quantitative easing (Brent: $83.6)

380-cst average falls 1.1% in Rotterdam
04 Oct 2010 07:07 GMT
Average 380-centistoke price decreases by $5 per tonne at Europe's top bunker port in September.

SIBCON: Over 1,000 delegates confirmed
04 Oct 2010 07:02 GMT
MPA confirms the registration of over 1,000 delegates in the countdown to SIBCON 2010.

Singapore 380-cst average down $5 in September
04 Oct 2010 06:02 GMT
Average price of 380-centistoke falls by 1.1 percent at the world's leading bunker port.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
04 Oct 2010 05:09 GMT

WFS completes Western Petroleum acquisition
01 Oct 2010 20:36 GMT
World Fuel Services completes previously announced acquisition of US petroleum firm.

Praxis Market Update
01 Oct 2010 16:12 GMT

BIX global average drops 1.4% in September
01 Oct 2010 14:28 GMT
Average monthly global bunker price decreases in September by almost $8 per tonne.

Bunker Index (BIX) statistical summary
01 Oct 2010 14:19 GMT
Key monthly Bunker Index (BIX) data provided in price summary.

NWE average jumps $16.83 per tonne
01 Oct 2010 13:56 GMT
BIX NWE increases by 3.2 percent as prices rise in North West Europe for the third consecutive day.

Med average up $14.67 per tonne
01 Oct 2010 13:23 GMT
BIX MED rises 2.6 percent as bunker prices surge in the Mediterranean.

Global Vision Market Report
01 Oct 2010 12:24 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
01 Oct 2010 11:29 GMT

Market Briefing
01 Oct 2010 10:18 GMT
Oil higher on Chinese growth data (Brent: $82.8)

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
01 Oct 2010 06:36 GMT

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