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Home » News » News Archive - July 2009

News Archive - July 2009

Slow steam ahead for major shipping lines
30 Jul 2009 16:07 GMT
Vessels to run at 'eco-speed' as new service between South America and Europe is launched.

Market Briefing
30 Jul 2009 12:35 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
30 Jul 2009 12:17 GMT

HPCL may stop exporting fuel oil in '09
30 Jul 2009 08:21 GMT
No current plans to export fuel oil due to weaker monsoon and rise in bitumen demand.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
30 Jul 2009 06:42 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
29 Jul 2009 11:28 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 30th July.

Market Briefing
29 Jul 2009 10:52 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
29 Jul 2009 10:48 GMT

Shell mulls Montreal refinery closure
29 Jul 2009 09:57 GMT
Future of bunker-producing refinery to be considered in strategic review of operations.

Shoreside power 'so successful' in Sweden
29 Jul 2009 07:32 GMT
Sweden's shore-to-ship electrical connections save around 1,900 tonnes of fuel each year.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 Jul 2009 05:57 GMT

'Superyacht' to run on wind, solar power
28 Jul 2009 18:22 GMT
New eco-yacht is designed to be powered by 'rigid wing' sails and solar energy.

Rotterdam Market Report
28 Jul 2009 12:55 GMT

Market Briefing
28 Jul 2009 11:34 GMT

Singapore Petroleum lands 380-cst cargo - sources
28 Jul 2009 09:42 GMT
Bunker supplier is reported to have paid a premium to Singapore spot quotes.

IOC sells mid-August 380-cst cargo
28 Jul 2009 07:24 GMT
Indian refiner reaches a deal for the sale of 35,000 tonnes of fuel oil.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
28 Jul 2009 05:56 GMT

OW Bunker moves office in Piraeus
27 Jul 2009 16:07 GMT
Leading bunker player plans recruitment drive on the back of recent growth.

Market Briefing
27 Jul 2009 11:13 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
27 Jul 2009 11:08 GMT

Namibia launches fuel blending station
27 Jul 2009 09:47 GMT
New onshore facility developed to help vessels reduce fuel costs and ship emissions.

PSO to import over 1 million tonnes of fuel oil
27 Jul 2009 07:21 GMT
Leading oil marketer reveals import plans for August.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
27 Jul 2009 06:08 GMT

Market Briefing
24 Jul 2009 11:15 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
24 Jul 2009 11:03 GMT

Association applauds new emissions-cutting strategy
24 Jul 2009 10:36 GMT
UK Chamber of Shipping says plan outlines the government's commitment to reducing emissions.

WFS to hold conference call and webcast
24 Jul 2009 09:26 GMT
Management team to discuss the company's second quarter results.

Cochin invites bids for bunker terminal
24 Jul 2009 08:08 GMT
Tender notice issued for the development of a new international bunker terminal.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
24 Jul 2009 06:14 GMT

EGCSA: Industry is now ready for scrubbing
23 Jul 2009 12:42 GMT
Association says the challenge now is to build confidence within the industry following MEPC adoption.

Market Briefing
23 Jul 2009 11:38 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
23 Jul 2009 11:35 GMT

North American ECA proposal approved
23 Jul 2009 10:36 GMT
Draft amendments will be submitted to MEPC 60 for adoption in 2010.

Antarctic fuel ban approved for adoption in 2010
23 Jul 2009 09:13 GMT
Exceptions envisaged for vessels involved in search and rescue or safety operations.

MARPOL amendments: ship-to-ship oil transfer
23 Jul 2009 07:31 GMT
Ammendments adopted for the transfer of oil cargo between tankers at sea.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
23 Jul 2009 06:12 GMT

Market Briefing
22 Jul 2009 11:15 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
22 Jul 2009 11:04 GMT

Queensland Premier rejects spill compensation offer
22 Jul 2009 10:18 GMT
Bligh says there is 'a long way to go' before the Queensland taxpayer is adequately reimbursed.

Hanjin to introduce fuel recovery charge
22 Jul 2009 09:17 GMT
South Korean carrier says new charge is in response to rapidly rising fuel costs.

Shipping 'overlooked' in UK low carbon plan
22 Jul 2009 07:04 GMT
UK's transport emissions strategy is criticized in a letter to the Department of Transport.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 Jul 2009 06:36 GMT

EGCSA: MARPOL amendments 'central' to scrubber adoption
21 Jul 2009 15:42 GMT
Association confident ECA implementation will act as a 'stepping-stone' for the development of scrubber technology.

Market Briefing
21 Jul 2009 11:05 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
21 Jul 2009 10:54 GMT

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
21 Jul 2009 08:57 GMT

Shell to restart bunker-producing refinery
21 Jul 2009 07:18 GMT
Clyde plant is scheduled to begin production by the end of July.

Vopak signs Malaysia oil terminal agreement
20 Jul 2009 17:04 GMT
Proposed terminal will be a tank facility for storing, blending and distributing oil products.

Market Briefing
20 Jul 2009 11:36 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
20 Jul 2009 11:25 GMT

Maersk Line: More fuel savings than expected
20 Jul 2009 11:02 GMT
Leading bunker buyer says slow steaming strategy has led to larger fuel savings than initially thought.

Brooklyn Terminal to install shore power
20 Jul 2009 09:17 GMT
New York cruise terminal looks set to become the first on the US East Coast to install cold ironing.

MEPC to issue interim GHG measures
20 Jul 2009 07:27 GMT
IMO Committee to circulate a package of technical and operational measures to reduce GHGs.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
20 Jul 2009 05:57 GMT

IMO to assess bunker levy in work plan
17 Jul 2009 17:32 GMT
Committee agrees to implement new energy efficiency measures. IMO accused of 'anchor-dragging'.

Rotterdam Market Report
17 Jul 2009 11:24 GMT

Market Briefing
17 Jul 2009 11:13 GMT

Vopak expects EUR 100m Q2 profit
17 Jul 2009 09:46 GMT
Terminal operator says preliminary reporting indicates 'robust' operating profit for first six months.

FAL buys 90,000-tonne fuel oil cargo
17 Jul 2009 07:42 GMT
Sharjah firm secures cargo amid tight supply forecast and refinery run cuts.

Singapore Market Commentary
17 Jul 2009 06:55 GMT

IBIA issues BDR sulphur content warning
16 Jul 2009 17:55 GMT
Chief Executive warns of the 'failure' to put authentic sulphur content results on delivery receipts.

HPCL eyes New Zealand bunker assets - sources
16 Jul 2009 15:22 GMT
Indian oil firm is reported have appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers to broker Shell asset deal.

Rotterdam Market Report
16 Jul 2009 10:58 GMT

Market Briefing
16 Jul 2009 10:48 GMT

IMO criticized for 'sidestepping' bunker levy issue
16 Jul 2009 07:28 GMT
Ocean conservation group says other international bodies will need to take action.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
16 Jul 2009 05:56 GMT

Dan-Bunkering reveals Southern Asia strategy
15 Jul 2009 17:22 GMT
Danish firm says it aims to strengthen its position in the region via a 'focus area' strategy.

Venezuela: Product availability update
15 Jul 2009 15:37 GMT
Bunker supplier PDVSA provides update on product availability at Venezuelan ports.

Rotterdam Market Report
15 Jul 2009 11:18 GMT

60,000-tonne cargo of 180-cst for sale
15 Jul 2009 09:52 GMT
Indian firm offers fuel oil parcel for lifting in August. Tender closes Friday.

Indian refiner offers 380-cst cargo
15 Jul 2009 07:45 GMT
Fuel oil parcel is scheduled for loading mid-August.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
15 Jul 2009 06:44 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
14 Jul 2009 12:37 GMT

Market Briefing
14 Jul 2009 12:18 GMT

New BAF for cargo to Australia announced
14 Jul 2009 10:58 GMT
Bunker Adjustment Factor from North and South East Asia to Australia to change from August.

UK firm announces August BAF
14 Jul 2009 09:36 GMT
Bunker Adjustment Factor for Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands to change from next month.

Norwegian bunker spill 'contained'
14 Jul 2009 07:23 GMT
Police says World Heritage leak is under control following cruise ship incident on Sunday.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
14 Jul 2009 05:18 GMT

Market Briefing
13 Jul 2009 11:43 GMT

LNG-powered vessel developed in Korea
13 Jul 2009 11:27 GMT
Groundbreaking new vessel is said to be able to reduce operating costs by up to 38 percent.

Rotterdam Market Report
13 Jul 2009 10:52 GMT

Eco-group enters bunker levy revenue debate
13 Jul 2009 09:28 GMT
Organization says revenues could go towards helping developing countries fight climate change.

Lanka IOC adds barge to meet demand
13 Jul 2009 07:24 GMT
Sri Lankan supplier charters additional barge to keep up with the rise in demand in Colombo.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
13 Jul 2009 05:24 GMT

Market Briefing
10 Jul 2009 12:38 GMT

Hamburg Süd, Aliança to up bunker surcharge
10 Jul 2009 11:03 GMT
Carriers announce they will implement a fuel surcharge increase in August.

Russia: Fuel oil exports rise in June
10 Jul 2009 09:35 GMT
Latest data reveals 17.9 percent year-on-year increase in fuel oil exports.

Vopak announces agreement for EUR 110 million growth capital
10 Jul 2009 07:34 GMT
Investors agree to participate in cumulative financing preference shares program.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
10 Jul 2009 05:06 GMT

ECA and GHGs high on agenda at IMO meeting.
09 Jul 2009 14:13 GMT
MEPC to meet next week to discuss ship emissions, ECA and Antarctic fuel ban.

Rotterdam Market Report
09 Jul 2009 11:27 GMT

Market Briefing
09 Jul 2009 09:57 GMT

Castrol Marine extends China port coverage
09 Jul 2009 09:28 GMT
Supplier offers new marine lubricant service to customers in the southern port of Guangzhou.

Oil throughput rise at St. Petersburg terminal
09 Jul 2009 07:28 GMT
Transshipment of oil products increases by 8.5 percent year-on-year during the month of June.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
09 Jul 2009 06:28 GMT

Dan-Bunkering: Singapore office 'a success'
08 Jul 2009 15:23 GMT
Bunker player aims to 'gain an even stronger position' following first two months of trading.

Rotterdam Market Report
08 Jul 2009 11:17 GMT

Market Briefing
08 Jul 2009 10:48 GMT

Report documents low sulphur fuel usage
08 Jul 2009 09:34 GMT
'Success' achieved towards reaching 2010 performance measures to cut GHG emissions.

US supplier rolls out fuel management system
08 Jul 2009 07:14 GMT
New system is said to automatically measure bunker fuel as it is pumped from a barge onto a vessel.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
08 Jul 2009 05:21 GMT

Market Briefing
07 Jul 2009 12:03 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
07 Jul 2009 11:41 GMT

Association applauds EPA's eco-efforts
07 Jul 2009 11:03 GMT
US association President praises EPA initiative to cut emissions from ocean-going vessels.

1.26 million tonne fuel oil tender announced
07 Jul 2009 09:23 GMT
State oil firm seeks high and low sulphur cargoes for delivery between August and November.

Mercuria: Singapore supply speculation mounts
07 Jul 2009 07:22 GMT
Energy trader is reported to have leased a VLCC for storing and blending fuel oil.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
07 Jul 2009 05:09 GMT

Petrojam to expand bunker-producing refinery
06 Jul 2009 11:02 GMT
State-run firm seeks financing to raise oil production by 20,000 barrels per day.

Rotterdam Market Report
06 Jul 2009 10:42 GMT

Petrobras supplies at Vitoria anchorage
06 Jul 2009 09:51 GMT
Bunker firm reveals that it is able to supply by barge in the anchorage area of Vitoria.

Market Briefing
06 Jul 2009 09:48 GMT

Swire Shipping denies bunker spill payment claims
06 Jul 2009 07:51 GMT
Operator says it wishes to achieve a 'mutually acceptable solution' regarding a cleanup payment.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
06 Jul 2009 05:12 GMT

Noble Group seeks floating storage
03 Jul 2009 11:04 GMT
Trading firm is said to be looking to lease a supertanker to use as fuel oil storage.

Rotterdam Market Report
03 Jul 2009 10:43 GMT

Market Briefing
03 Jul 2009 09:32 GMT

PMSA fails in court bid to prevent clean fuel regulations
03 Jul 2009 09:27 GMT
Court ruling says pollution from ships is 'substantial' and 'beyond any reasonable doubt'.

Solar ship arrives in California
03 Jul 2009 07:46 GMT
World's first cargo ship partly powered by solar energy arrives at US port.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
03 Jul 2009 06:04 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
02 Jul 2009 12:13 GMT

EPA proposes tough fuel standards for large ships
02 Jul 2009 11:04 GMT
Eco-agency reveals details of strategy to slash emissions from ocean-going ships.

Schwarzenegger welcomes clean fuel regulation
02 July 2009 09:29 GMT
Governor applauds new requirement for ships to burn distillate fuel in Californian waters.

Market Briefing
02 Jul 2009 09:29 GMT

OW Bunker announces Panama expansion
02 Jul 2009 07:28 GMT
Leading bunker player says it is now able to supply at both Cristobal and Balboa.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
02 Jul 2009 05:19 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
01 Jul 2009 15:46 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 2nd July.

Market Briefing
01 Jul 2009 12:22 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
01 Jul 2009 11:28 GMT

Singapore Code of Practice comes into force
01 Jul 2009 11:02 GMT
SS 600 will aim to further enhance consistent practices in the delivery of bunkers in Singapore.

July 1st: New fuel-burning requirements in California
01 Jul 2009 09:27 GMT
Ship operators will be required to comply with new distillate fuel regulation from today.

July 1st: MSDS regulation comes into force
01 Jul 2009 07:23 GMT
MSDS to be supplied to ships carrying bunker fuels and MARPOL Annex I cargoes from today.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
01 Jul 2009 04:52 GMT

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