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Home » News » News Archive - June 2009

News Archive - June 2009

Zim to implement bunker surcharge
29 Jun 2009 11:07 GMT
Cargo shipping firm to introduce Emergency Bunker Surcharge in July.

Rotterdam Market Report
29 Jun 2009 10:29 GMT

DFDS Tor Line invests in scrubber system
29 Jun 2009 09:38 GMT
First company vessel is fitted with scrubber system in Germany.

Market Briefing
29 Jun 2009 09:35 GMT

Bunker terminal planned for Maldives
29 Jun 2009 07:48 GMT
New marine fuel and crude oil storage facility is expected to be completed in 2011.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 Jun 2009 05:56 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
26 Jun 2009 12:27 GMT

Fuel oil removal from grounded tanker delayed
26 Jun 2009 11:04 GMT
Stranded oil tanker could be left until next week with 39,000 litres of fuel oil onboard.

Market Briefing
26 Jun 2009 10:55 GMT

PSO to buy up to 720,000 mt of fuel oil
26 Jun 2009 09:43 GMT
Oil marketer issues tender to purchase high and low sulphur cargoes.

Shell in Singapore to Fujairah arb play
26 Jun 2009 07:31 GMT
Oil major ships fuel oil to Fujairah to ease short term supply concerns at the Middle East refuelling hub.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
26 Jun 2009 05:43 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
25 Jun 2009 11:52 GMT

Market Briefing
25 Jun 2009 11:24 GMT

SSA supports GHG Compensation Fund
25 Jun 2009 11:04 GMT
Shipping association says the funding mechanism should be 'transparent, rigorous and enforceable'.

Petrobras to provide Material Safety Data Sheets
25 Jun 2009 09:34 GMT
MSDS documentation to be provided for deliveries of all grades of marine fuel.

Chemoil founder's family in stake sale talks
25 Jun 2009 07:37 GMT
CEO says majority shareholders are in discussions with various parties. Glencore tipped.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
25 Jun 2009 05:46 GMT

OW Bunker appoints offshore head in Copenhagen
24 Jun 2009 15:22 GMT
Bent Warming Hansen is appointed Strategic Account Manager for the offshore segment.

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
24 Jun 2009 15:04 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 25th June.

Rotterdam Market Report
24 Jun 2009 12:17 GMT

Market Briefing
24 Jun 2009 11:16 GMT

Korean firm to build more fuel-efficient ships
24 Jun 2009 11:13 GMT
Shipbuilder to focus on developing new technologies related to clean fuels and cutting CO2 emissions.

EU report: 'No major bunker spills' in 2008
24 Jun 2009 10:08 GMT
New study says there were no major spill incidents involving marine fuel last year.

Guangzhou expansion plans for bunker supplier
24 Jun 2009 08:22 GMT
Petrochina JV eyes bunker supply partnership as agreement is signed to build South China's largest oil terminal.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
24 Jun 2009 05:36 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
23 Jun 2009 11:19 GMT

Euro firms join forces to offer fuel optimization service
23 Jun 2009 11:12 GMT
New partnership aims to make it easier for ship operators to reduce fuel consumption.

Market Briefing
23 Jun 2009 10:05 GMT

BIMCO supports EEDI and ICF
23 Jun 2009 10:02 GMT
Shipping organization says it is in favour of an International Compensation Fund finance by a bunker levy.

Ashland sells fuel treatment business
23 Jun 2009 08:06 GMT
Global marine services business Drew Marine is sold in deal worth $120 million.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
23 Jun 2009 05:31 GMT

Global Risk Management appoints Financial Manager
22 Jun 2009 14:45 GMT
Former bank business controller joins the company's office in Middelfart.

Rotterdam Market Report
22 Jun 2009 11:18 GMT

Market Briefing
22 Jun 2009 10:58 GMT

Marine Atlantic to add 6% fuel surcharge
22 Jun 2009 10:14 GMT
Ferry line says the decision was made after a quarterly review of its costs.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 Jun 2009 10:01 GMT

Fuel oil spill fears as tanker runs aground
22 Jun 2009 08:03 GMT
Vessel carrying 39,000 litres of fuel oil runs aground off Taiwan's southern coast.

New product measures H2S in marine fuel
19 Jun 2009 17:11 GMT
Newly developed instrument is said to offer a cost-effective solution for H2S measurement.

Rotterdam Market Report
19 Jun 2009 11:19 GMT

IPTA members favour bunker contribution
19 Jun 2009 10:20 GMT
Association says bunker contribution is best market-based instrument for reducing emissions.

Market Briefing
19 Jun 2009 09:59 GMT

Sri Lanka to build bunker storage facility
19 Jun 2009 09:51 GMT
Country to receive $US65 million loan to build bulk storage tank farm.

Long Beach to test 'sock on a stack' technology
19 Jun 2009 08:14 GMT
Pollution control device is said to have shown 'promising results' in early demonstrations.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
19 Jun 2009 07:12 GMT

Singapore: Bunker surveyors to get financial relief
18 Jun 2009 16:16 GMT
MPA to offer financial relief to bunker surveyors when they attain their accreditation credentials.

Rotterdam Market Report
18 Jun 2009 12:12 GMT

Dan-Bunkering trader relocates to Denmark
18 Jun 2009 11:36 GMT
Bunker trader Elena Chernikova moves to Middelfart from the company's Kaliningrad office.

Market Briefing
18 Jun 2009 11:16 GMT

Brightoil continues storage expansion programme
18 Jun 2009 10:22 GMT
Bunker supplier plans to build two fuel storage facilities in eastern China.

Greek council opposes bunker tax
18 Jun 2009 08:26 GMT
GSCC Chairman says studies show emissions from ships have a net cooling effect.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
18 Jun 2009 05:14 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
17 Jun 2009 16:08 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 18th June.

Russia: No oil export cut over next 3 years
17 Jun 2009 10:51 GMT
Deputy Prime Minister says Russia has no plans to reduce oil exports

Market Briefing
17 Jun 2009 10:26 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
17 Jun 2009 10:13 GMT

Gazprom CEO examines demand-supply outlook
17 Jun 2009 09:44 GMT
Alexey Miller comments on the impact of the financial crisis on the demand-supply balance in the energy sector.

Safety procedure alert for fuel switching
17 Jun 2009 08:01 GMT
Guidelines issued to help prevent propulsion loss from switching fuels mid-voyage.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
17 Jun 2009 05:42 GMT

Market Briefing
16 Jun 2009 11:52 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
16 Jun 2009 11:14 GMT

Monitoring service: 'Fuel consumption cut by up to 5%'
16 Jun 2009 10:42 GMT
Developers say service can have a role in future indexing or rating schemes.

Kasbar enters into stock trading plan
16 Jun 2009 09:36 GMT
World Fuel Services President to sell up to 20 percent of company stock in 2009.

Castrol Marine launches lube academy
16 Jun 2009 08:11 GMT
Training course aims to raise the standard of training within the marine lubricant industry.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
16 Jun 2009 05:57 GMT

TransMontaigne sells bunker barges
15 Jun 2009 15:01 GMT
TEPPCO acquires bunker delivery barges and other marine assets in deal worth $50 million.

Rotterdam Market Report
15 Jun 2009 12:42 GMT

Chemoil gets ready for emissions regulations
15 Jun 2009 12:28 GMT
Supplier says it is 'well-positioned' to meet the increase in demand for low sulphur products in North America.

Market Briefing
15 Jun 2009 10:38 GMT

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
15 Jun 2009 09:32 GMT

CPCL could double bunker volumes at Chennai
15 Jun 2009 09:28 GMT
Oil firm aims to substantially increase marine fuel sales at southeastern port over the next 12 months.

Study provides support for emissions trading scheme
12 Jun 2009 13:40 GMT
New research study is likely to strengthen the case for an ETS for international shipping.

Rotterdam Market Report
12 Jun 2009 13:05 GMT

Market Briefing
12 Jun 2009 10:37 GMT

Aruba refinery to shut down temporarily
12 Jun 2009 10:22 GMT
Valero to shut bunker-producing facility for up to three months due to poor margins.

Port Everglades gets green light to explore cold ironing
12 Jun 2009 08:05 GMT
Florida port could become first on the US East Coast to install shoreside power.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
12 Jun 2009 05:39 GMT

Nor-Shipping seminar: LNG as bunker fuel is reviewed
11 Jun 2009 17:44 GMT
Alternative energy sources for ships are examined at four-hour Oslo event.

Market Briefing
11 Jun 2009 10:32 GMT

LNG bunker tanker design at Nor-Shipping
11 Jun 2009 09:51 GMT
Swedish firm presents design for bunker tanker that delivers liquefied natural gas.

INTERTANKO backs IMO to set GHG target levels
11 Jun 2009 08:03 GMT
Association supports the application of an Energy Efficiency Design Index for new ships.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
11 Jun 2009 07:28 GMT

Bominflot ups delivery capacity in Gibraltar
10 Jun 2009 14:55 GMT
Supplier charters new barge in Gibraltar. Further expansion planned for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
10 Jun 2009 14:21 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 11th June.

Rotterdam Market Report
10 Jun 2009 12:22 GMT

Fuel efficiency technology wins eco-award
10 Jun 2009 11:08 GMT
Norwegian shipping firm receives award for its commitment to improving environmental standards.

Market Briefing
10 Jun 2009 10:22 GMT

GL examines fuel-saving options
10 Jun 2009 09:51 GMT
Executive comments on fuel efficiency and new range of services.

Stebbins enters into stock trading plan
10 Jun 2009 08:13 GMT
World Fuel Services CEO to sell up to 20 percent of company stock in 2009.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
10 Jun 2009 05:41 GMT

Weather routing system: '3-4% in fuel savings'
09 Jun 2009 14:15 GMT
US firm launches upgrade, which it says can help cut bunker costs and CO2 emissions.

Rotterdam Market Report
09 Jun 2009 10:21 GMT

Market Briefing
09 Jun 2009 09:55 GMT

TFA raises bunker surcharge
09 Jun 2009 09:52 GMT
Fuel surcharge is revised upwards for Australia-North and East Asia member lines.

DNV promotes energy efficiency rating scheme
09 Jun 2009 08:02 GMT
COO says 15% emission reduction can be achieved using existing technology.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
09 Jun 2009 06:17 GMT

Matson ups fuel surcharge a third time
08 Jun 2009 18:32 GMT
Hawaii's largest ocean shipper implements largest percentage point increase since 1999.

Market Briefing
08 Jun 2009 10:25 GMT

GHG emissions press conference announced
08 Jun 2009 09:52 GMT
Nor-Shipping event to cover strategy for reducing emissions from ships.

Conference offers 15% discount to Bunker Index users (FREE)
08 Jun 2009 08:11 GMT
Special offer available to Bunker Index users that book before 24th June.

Singapore Market Commentary
08 Jun 2009 06:45 GMT

Shark skin-inspired technology aims to cut fuel costs
05 Jun 2009 18:11 GMT
New hull coatings said to be 'showing promise' in improving fuel efficiency.

Fuel oil storage comes onstream in Rotterdam
05 Jun 2009 15:08 GMT
New storage tanks added following Phase 2 of the expansion of the Euro Tank Terminal

VLCC to be used as floating HSFO storage in Singapore
05 Jun 2009 14:22 GMT
Southern Petrochemical acquires supertanker to trade high sulphur fuel oil at Asian oil hub.

Rotterdam Market Report
05 Jun 2009 10:58 GMT

Press conference speakers announced
05 Jun 2009 08:17 GMT
Oslo event to introduce new service aimed at cutting fuel consumption.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
05 Jun 2009 06:26 GMT

'Fuel saving' product line: launch announced
04 Jun 2009 18:22 GMT
New range of products aims to optimize ship fuel usage and improve profitability.

Chemoil to supply in Chennai in '09
04 Jun 2009 17:12 GMT
MD says company expects to start supplying in India's southeast coast by the end of the year.

Rotterdam Market Report
04 Jun 2009 11:18 GMT

Terpel launches bunkering operations in Chile
04 Jun 2009 10:01 GMT
Colombian firm begins supplying marine fuel in central Chile.

Market Briefing
04 Jun 2009 09:32 GMT

World's first cold ironing oil terminal unveiled
04 Jun 2009 08:06 GMT
Long Beach terminal becomes the first cold ironing facility in the world for liquid bulk ships.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
04 Jun 2009 06:13 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
03 Jun 2009 16:42 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 4th June.

Rotterdam Market Report
03 Jun 2009 11:49 GMT

Market Briefing
03 Jun 2009 10:14 GMT

HKMEx may 'not necessarily' launch fuel oil contract
03 Jun 2009 10:06 GMT
President says the launch of energy contracts in 2010 may not include fuel oil.

IBME expands bunker trading team
03 Jun 2009 08:04 GMT
Two new members of staff join Dubai-based bunker trading company.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
03 Jun 2009 06:03 GMT

Chemoil: Volume growth in Gulf of Mexico
02 Jun 2009 15:25 GMT
Leading supplier reports sales of over 850,000 tonnes in less than two years.

Rotterdam Market Report
02 Jun 2009 14:08 GMT

Cruise ship operator cuts fuel surcharge
02 Jun 2009 11:12 GMT
Australian firm removes surcharge on cruises in Sydney and Fiji.

Market Briefing
02 Jun 2009 10:08 GMT

Steam Packet reduces fuel surcharge
02 Jun 2009 10:02 GMT
New fuel fee for passengers and freight is introduced with immediate effect.

Aegean increases delivery capacity in Vancouver
02 Jun 2009 08:16 GMT
Latest vessel acquisition is expected to be deployed to the Vancouver market.

Singapore Market Commentary
02 Jun 2009 06:05 GMT

OW Bunker eyes investment opportunities - source
01 Jun 2009 11:26 GMT
Danish firm is reportedly looking at two acquisitions as part of its expansion strategy.

180-cst average up 22% in May
01 Jun 2009 09:52 GMT
IFO 180 Index records second-highest price gains of $72.52 last month.

IFO 380 Index jumps $73.78 in May
01 Jun 2009 08:02 GMT
Average 380-cst price matches WTI crude with price rise of 24 percent.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
01 Jun 2009 06:13 GMT

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