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Home » News » News Archive - May 2009

News Archive - May 2009

Average global price up $66 since May 1st
29 May 2009 16:56 GMT
Global Bunker Index rises further as average skyrockets almost $12.

Rotterdam Market Report
29 May 2009 10:49 GMT

Hoon calls for shipping to be included in climate deal
29 May 2009 10:06 GMT
UK Transport Secretary says 'decade of inaction' means we cannot wait any longer.

Market Briefing
29 May 2009 10:04 GMT

Oakland to provide 'cold ironing'
29 May 2009 08:01 GMT
Californian port to install shore-based electrical power for two ship berths.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
29 May 2009 06:09 GMT

Asia-Australia lines to raise bunker surcharge
28 May 2009 16:52 GMT
AADA to increase surcharge by 22 percent for shipments from Hong Kong and China to Australia.

Rotterdam Market Report
28 May 2009 12:14 GMT

Seminar examines fuel saving options
28 May 2009 11:09 GMT
Two-day event looks at fuel saving options in the design, re-design and operation of ships.

Market Briefing
28 May 2009 10:28 GMT

Vopak to build Amsterdam oil terminal
28 May 2009 09:46 GMT
New bunkering opportunities beckon for Amsterdam as Vopak confirms storage terminal investment.

New Zealand firm fined for fuel oil spill
28 May 2009 08:11 GMT
Fisheries company is fined $20,000 after pleading guilty to discharging fuel oil into harbour water.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
28 May 2009 07:04 GMT

MGO average jumps almost $12/mt in North West Europe
27 May 2009 17:26 GMT
NWE MGO Index records significant increase as prices rise by over $10/mt in a number of ports.

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
27 May 2009 15:44 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 28th May.

Rotterdam Market Report
27 May 2009 11:31 GMT

Market Briefing
27 May 2009 10:35 GMT

Maersk CEO backs bunker tax
27 May 2009 10:02 GMT
Nils Smedegaard Andersen says bunker levy is best way to cap greenhouse gas emissions.

WFS eyes new acquisition opportunities - source
27 May 2009 08:01 GMT
CEO says the company is looking at "opportunities to buy" in the marine, aviation and land fuel segments.

Singapore Market Commentary
27 May 2009 06:42 GMT

OW Bunker appoints bunker trader
26 May 2009 16:36 GMT
Former MARAG trader Jesper Schmidt joins OW Bunker Copenhagen.

Rotterdam Market Report
26 May 2009 11:22 GMT

Indian refiner offers 180-cst cargo
26 May 2009 11:14 GMT
Fuel oil parcel is scheduled for loading from West Coast port in June.

Market Briefing
26 May 2009 09:52 GMT

H2 launch for Singapore bunker contract
26 May 2009 09:41 GMT
Singapore Exchange expected to launch 380-cst futures contract during the second half of 2009.

Petrobras number changes announced
26 May 2009 08:03 GMT
New mobile phone numbers are announced for some of the company's bunker traders.

Singapore Market Commentary
26 May 2009 06:21 GMT

Antwerp launches cold ironing trials
22 May 2009 17:37 GMT
Plug-in shoreside power is made available for the first time to seagoing ships.

Polemis supports IMO control on emissions measures
22 May 2009 16:28 GMT
ICS Chairman says IMO should manage the development of emissions-cutting measures.

Market Briefing
22 May 2009 10:26 GMT

Fuel oil stocks fall in Singapore
22 May 2009 10:03 GMT
Inventories of fuel oil drop to their lowest level in four weeks.

NCL records 43.3% drop in bunker costs
22 May 2009 08:04 GMT
Decrease in fuel costs helps cruise line achieve a rise in net income.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
22 May 2009 06:13 GMT

Med average jumps almost $9/mt
21 May 2009 17:12 GMT
Med Bunker Index up to $419.18/mt as IFO 380 and IFO 180 record significant price increases.

'Encouraging' first three months for ChemoilAdani
21 May 2009 15:08 GMT
Joint venture supply firm achieves positive results during the first three months of business.

Rotterdam negotiates capacity expansion
21 May 2009 10:01 GMT
Shipping terminal looks set to double its capacity to around 100,000 TEU.

Borg: Agreed cold ironing standard is 'close'
21 May 2009 08:13 GMT
EU Commissioner optimistic that there will soon be an agreed standard for shore-side electricity.

Singapore Market Commentary
21 May 2009 06:15 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
20 May 2009 14:47 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 21st May.

Rate change delayed to coincide with new BAF
20 May 2009 11:03 GMT
Maersk Line to announce Bunker Adjustment Factor change and general rate increase on July 1st.

Market Briefing
20 May 2009 10:22 GMT

COSCO begins calling at US port
20 May 2009 09:48 GMT
Positive news for local bunker suppliers as COSCO calls for first time at East Coast port.

Russia to raise fuel oil export tax
20 May 2009 08:04 GMT
Fuel oil export duty is set to increase by 15 percent from next month.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
20 May 2009 06:18 GMT

Petrobras offers HSFO 380 in Rotterdam
19 May 2009 15:26 GMT
Supplier says it is now able to offer both high and low sulphur 380-cst at Europe's leading port.

Rotterdam Market Report
19 May 2009 11:19 GMT

Fujairah storage: 'Strategic' location for bunkering
19 May 2009 11:03 GMT
Work begins on storage unit said to be strategically located to supply fuel to commercial ships.

Market Briefing
19 May 2009 10:14 GMT

Petroplus announces new CEO
19 May 2009 09:43 GMT
Jean-Paul Vettier to take over from Bob Lavinia in September.

Namibia plans to build first oil refinery
19 May 2009 08:01 GMT
Potential boost for bunker sales if project to build Walvis Bay facility goes ahead.

Singapore Market Commentary
19 May 2009 06:06 GMT

Study: Shipping would profit from 20% cut in emissions
18 May 2009 16:48 GMT
IMO report argues that new emissions reduction measures would save the industry money.

Rotterdam Market Report
18 May 2009 12:44 GMT

Market Briefing
18 May 2009 10:37 GMT

Cruise ship fuel removal begins
18 May 2009 10:06 GMT
Operation to remove over 100 tonnes of bunker fuel from sunken ship commences.

Antarctic fuel ban: cruise lines pull out
18 May 2009 08:11 GMT
Cruise operators drop Antarctic ahead of IMO ban on heavy fuel.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
18 May 2009 07:36 GMT

Montreal proceeds with new terminal plans
15 May 2009 17:48 GMT
Positive news for future bunker volumes as plans to develop container terminal move forward.

Average Med price falls by almost $9/mt
15 May 2009 15:23 GMT
Med IFO 380 Index and Med MGO Index record declines of over $9/mt.

Market Briefing
15 May 2009 12:43 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
15 May 2009 11:06 GMT

Houston firm in long-term fuel supply deal
15 May 2009 09:46 GMT
Supplier to provide fueling and lubricant services under terms of new agreement.

Singapore: Accumulated bunker sales up year-on-year
15 May 2009 08:07 GMT
Sales volumes remain higher than in 2008 despite 7.8 decline during the month of April.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
15 May 2009 06:12 GMT

Chemoil records 283% profit increase
14 May 2009 18:22 GMT
308 percent rise in gross contribution per metric tonne helps push up Q1 earnings.

Rotterdam Market Report
14 May 2009 11:57 GMT

Market Briefing
14 May 2009 11:33 GMT

Indian refiner sells 380-cst cargo
14 May 2009 10:41 GMT
30,000-tonne parcel is scheduled for lifting in early June.

Aegean posts 41% drop in net income
14 May 2009 09:51 GMT
Sales volumes affected by company's focus on managing counterparty risk, says President.

Cash injection for Henty Oil
14 May 2009 08:02 GMT
Liverpool-based firm is granted capital injection to develop new facilities in the UK.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
14 May 2009 06:14 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
13 May 2009 13:47 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 14th May.

Market Briefing
13 May 2009 12:34 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
13 May 2009 11:55 GMT

Maersk Line: Fuel costs down to 14 percent
13 May 2009 09:49 GMT
Fuel costs as a percentage of total unit costs fall during the first quarter of '09.

Hong Kong shipowners back emissions fund
13 May 2009 08:06 GMT
Shipowners Association declares its support for greenhouse gas levy.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
13 May 2009 05:56 GMT

Aegean sells two specialty tankers
12 May 2009 13:39 GMT
Supplier says it intends to use the proceeds of the sale to reduce its debt.

Market Briefing
12 May 2009 12:22 GMT

Rotterdam Market Report
12 May 2009 11:45 GMT

Cruise visits to hit peak in Gothenburg
12 May 2009 10:51 GMT
Some positive news for bunker sales volumes following Q1 drop in container traffic.

Sweden to remove 'cold ironing' tax
12 May 2009 09:39 GMT
Country becomes first in the world to abolish tax on plug-in shoreside power.

OW Bunker to supply low viscosity fuels in Rotterdam
12 May 2009 07:23 GMT
Supplier to begin offering low viscosity range from mid-May.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
12 May 2009 06:08 GMT

Petroplus posts $11.3 million net loss
11 May 2009 13:25 GMT
Net income plummets as Europe's largest independent refiner sees revenues fall by 38 percent.

Rotterdam Market Report
11 May 2009 11:36 GMT

Market Briefing
11 May 2009 10:21 GMT

Growth plans for West African port
11 May 2009 10:01 GMT
Construction of new export terminal bodes well for bunker sales volumes.

Indian refiner offers 380-cst cargo
11 May 2009 08:03 GMT
30,000-tonne parcel is scheduled for loading next month.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
11 May 2009 06:32 GMT

Total Lubmarine launches biodegradable product range
08 May 2009 12:12 GMT
New lube range developed to enable shipping firms to improve their environmental footprint.

Market Briefing
08 May 2009 11:02 GMT

OW Bunker records $23.5m profit rise
08 May 2009 10:50 GMT
Pre-tax profits rise to record levels as revenues increase by 48 percent year-on-year.

Rotterdam Market Report
08 May 2009 10:46 GMT

Barge operator reports drop in profit
08 May 2009 09:22 GMT
9.3 percent drop in net income for K-Sea Transportation Partners.

World Fuel Services posts 63% profit increase
08 May 2009 06:53 GMT
Increase in net income is helped by rise in marine segment profit.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
08 May 2009 06:21 GMT

Petroplus shuts Teeside refinery
07 May 2009 19:02 GMT
Primary source of product for the Tyne Tees bunker market is closed.

North West Europe average jumps almost $15
07 May 2009 13:48 GMT
Price gains continue as NWE Bunker Index rises $39.27/mt since the start of the week.

Rotterdam Market Report
07 May 2009 12:03 GMT

Market Briefing
07 May 2009 10:47 GMT

IOC offers 380-cst at Chennai
07 May 2009 10:01 GMT
Indian Oil Corporation sources 380-cst from Manali refinery to offer new product option at Chennai.

Itochu leases Singapore storage - sources
07 May 2009 08:02 GMT
Japanese trading house is reported to have leased storage space at Chemoil's Helios Terminal.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
07 May 2009 06:23 GMT

Saudi Arabia: Latest posted prices
06 May 2009 14:42 GMT
Posted prices for Saudi Arabian ports effective Thursday 7th May.

Rotterdam Market Report
06 May 2009 13:02 GMT

Market Briefing
06 May 2009 11:08 GMT

Dan-Bunkering opens Singapore office
06 May 2009 10:13 GMT
Bunker trading firm says Singapore office is now officially open and actively trading.

Oil throughput rise at St. Petersburg terminal
06 May 2009 09:44 GMT
Terminal records 14 percent rise in the transshipment of dirty oil products last month.

Maersk cuts CO2 emissions by 9%
06 May 2009 08:04 GMT
Group says emission reduction is mainly due to lower fuel consumption on ships.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
06 May 2009 06:18 GMT

Study: 'Green Gateway' is lowest emission route
05 May 2009 15:32 GMT
Survey says West Coast route offers the lowest carbon footprint for cargoes from Asia.

Rotterdam Market Report
05 May 2009 11:16 GMT

Bunker volumes set to grow at Middle East port
05 May 2009 09:48 GMT
New terminal is expected to increase capacity by 45 percent.

Asia-Australia lines to raise bunker surcharge
05 May 2009 08:12 GMT
Member lines to increase bunker surcharge for dry and refrigerated containers in May.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
05 May 2009 05:57 GMT

Market Briefing
04 May 2009 11:55 GMT

Cruise line extends schedule at US port
04 May 2009 11:25 GMT
Royal Caribbean increases its 2010 sailing schedule from East Coast port.

Rotterdam Market Report
04 May 2009 10:49 GMT

Jebel Ali voted best seaport in Middle East
04 May 2009 10:03 GMT
UAE port is recognised at the Asia Freight and Supply Chain Awards.

Ocean shipper raises fuel surcharge
04 May 2009 08:03 GMT
Shipping firm matches main rival and increases fuel fee by 1.5 percentage points.

Singapore Market Commentary (with evening update)
04 May 2009 06:18 GMT

Aegean 'strengthens its position' in the UAE
01 May 2009 13:30 GMT
Bunker supplier to deploy double-hull bunkering tanker to UAE market.

Baltimore's biggest shipper inks new deal
01 May 2009 13:13 GMT
Positive news for bunker sales volumes as Mediterranean Shipping extends existing contract.

US port launches first year-round cruise schedule
01 May 2009 11:42 GMT
Additional 50 voyages per year set to be a boost for bunker sales at East Coast port.

Rotterdam Market Report
01 May 2009 11:16 GMT

Market Briefing
01 May 2009 10:31 GMT

Houston Commission approves emission reduction grant request
01 May 2009 09:46 GMT
Funding request for diesel emission reduction measures is approved.

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