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Home » News » News Archive - June 2008

News Archive - June 2008

Titan to focus on bunkering activities
27 Jun 2008 12:02 GMT
Supply chain business is to be centred on bunkering operations in key Asian markets.

Petrobras stops taking bunker orders
27 Jun 2008 10:05 GMT
Decision to suspend trading follows 24 hour surge in the price of crude oil.

Chemoil adds third barge in Fujairah
27 Jun 2008 09:10 GMT
Supplier takes delivery of its third barge to support growing operations in the Fujairah bunker market.

Oil surges above $140 to new record
27 Jun 2008 07:37 GMT
Crude oil prices jump by over $5 following comments by Shokri Ghanem.

Rising bunker costs affect cargo trade
26 Jun 2008 13:18 GMT
Malaysian Minister comments on impact of bunker prices on cargo shipping trade.

Russia raises fuel oil export tax
26 Jun 2008 10:04 GMT
Fuel oil export duty is set to increase by over 22 percent from August.

Titan backs oil futures exchange
26 Jun 2008 09:03 GMT
Titan's storage facilities set to be designated HKMEx physical delivery points.

HPCL sells 30,000mt cargo of 380cst
25 Jun 2008 11:18 GMT
Indian oil firm concludes sale of fuel oil cargo for lifting in July.

Hyundai to expand bunker-producing refinery
25 Jun 2008 09:52 GMT
South Korean bunker supplier announces details of refinery expansion in Daesan.

MASA comments on impact of rising bunker prices
25 Jun 2008 08:17 GMT
MASA Chairman expresses concern over the continued increase in the price of marine fuel.

EU Council meets to discuss emergency measures
24 Jun 2008 10:01 GMT
Rise in bunker prices triggers aid proposal for fleet restructuring programme.

Stena Line ferries slowed to reduce bunker costs
24 Jun 2008 08:08 GMT
Future of fast ferries is in doubt as speed is reduced to improve fuel efficiency

Crystal Cruises raises bunker surcharge
23 Jun 2008 12:05 GMT
Cruise line operator is the latest to raise surcharge amid escalating bunker costs.

Fuel oil imports rise in China
23 Jun 2008 10:11 GMT
Drop in demand forecasted for June despite import increase in May.

Asian shipowner announces new BAF
23 Jun 2008 08:15 GMT
Leading transportation and logistics firm to apply new BAF rates from next month.

Sea scrubbing solution for North American ECA
20 Jun 2008 12:49 GMT
Approval of scrubbing technology opens the way for emissions control area in North America.

Carnival's Q2 bunker costs rise by $158m
20 Jun 2008 10:35 GMT
COO says fuel rise is 'simply not sustainable' as 2008 fuel costs are expected to rise by $752m.

Aegean appoints new CFO
20 Jun 2008 08:03 GMT
US-listed supplier announces CFO Ziad Nakleh is leaving to pursue other interests.

Cruise operator raises fuel surcharge
19 Jun 2008 12:09 GMT
Leading US cruise line is the latest to hike its fuel supplement due to rising bunker prices.

Indian firm offers 30,000mt of 380cst
19 Jun 2008 10:07 GMT
Refining company invites offers for fuel oil cargo for loading in mid-July.

SSA backs emissions-reducing measures
19 Jun 2008 08:08 GMT
Association supports initiatives to reduce CO2 and sulphur from ships.

Aegean acquires ICS Petroleum
18 Jun 2008 15:19 GMT
Piraeus-based supplier extends its network to drive future sales growth in North America.

Ocean shipper ups fuel surcharge
18 Jun 2008 10:05 GMT
US shipping firm decides to raise its fuel surcharge for the first time since April.

OW Bunker launches six bunker vessels
18 Jun 2008 08:03 GMT
State-of-the-art delivery vessels will operate in North Europe, West Africa and the North Atlantic .

Hong Kong studies emission-reducing initiatives
17 Jun 2008 13:45 GMT
Report identifies solutions for tackling ship emissions in the Pearl River Delta.

Limited processing capacity at Antwerp refinery
17 Jun 2008 09:17 GMT
Bunker-producing refinery expected to be in full operation by the end of July.

Strike expected at Fos-Lavera today
17 Jun 2008 07:40 GMT
Port workers expected to stage 48-hour protest at France's largest oil port.

IMO emissions meeting to be held next week
16 Jun 2008 17:35 GMT
Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships to meet in Oslo.

Singapore May sales grow year-on-year
16 Jun 2008 09:20 GMT
Sales vs April drop by 128,000mt. Volumes still higher than May 2007.

Chemoil appoints Non-Executive Director
13 Jun 2008 17:32 GMT
Bunker supplier appoints Director with experience in consumer fireworks business.

Schwarzenegger supports bunker spill legislation
13 Jun 2008 10:01 GMT
Hancock: Governor's oil spill prevention plan is 'window dressing'.

Nanotech paper sops up bunker spills
13 Jun 2008 09:09 GMT
Scientists develop groundbreaking nanowire mesh that can absorb up to 20 times its weight in oil.

Guayaquil breaks the $1800 barrier
12 Jun 2008 17:29 GMT
Ecuador is first country in the world to quote distillates above $1800/mt

Bunker deliveries blocked by fuel protests
12 Jun 2008 09:52 GMT
Truck driver blockades prevent RTW supplies at various Portuguese ports.

BP dismisses $250 oil prediction
12 Jun 2008 08:12 GMT
BP Chairman rejects Gazprom forecast that oil will reach $250 a barrel.

FEFC announces new BAF for July
11 Jun 2008 11:59 GMT
Bunker Adjustment Factor to change from next month for member lines.

ARB proposes heavy fuel ban in California
11 Jun 2008 10:01 GMT
Regulation would require ships to only use marine distillates in Californian waters.

Emissions forum takes place in Dubai
11 Jun 2008 08:40 GMT
UAE event tackles topic of shipping emissions and energy efficiency.

ARB hosts Air Pollution Seminar
10 Jun 2008 11:42 GMT
Seminar evaluates emission control technologies for ocean going vessels.

Additives supplier raises prices by 10-20%
10 Jun 2008 10:38 GMT
Marketer of marine fuel additives announces global price increase due to rising energy costs.

Bunker-producing refinery is evacuated
10 Jun 2008 08:02 GMT
Fire at 110,000 barrels-per-day refinery. Processing units are shut down.

60 dead penguins found after bunker spill
09 Jun 2008 11:42 GMT
Dead Magellanic Penguins washed up on coast of Uruguay following fuel oil leak.

Syros owners claim bunker spill was 14mt
09 Jun 2008 10:03 GMT
Owners of ship involved in fuel oil spill say leak was lower than initial estimates.

Bominflot appoints new staff
09 Jun 2008 08:02 GMT
Trading team in South Africa is expanded with two new employees.

Asian shipowners urge IMO to address CO2 issue
06 Jun 2008 10:41 GMT
Forum Committee says issue of CO2 emissions needs to be urgently reviewed.

Singapore to host MARPOL Annex VI event
06 Jun 2008 09:13 GMT
Shipping Association invites two distinguished speakers to speak at the event.

Costamare ships sign up to CO2 index
06 Jun 2008 08:05 GMT
Greek shipping firm implements CO2 index on five large containerships.

Shipping industry committed to 'kick the CO2 habit'
05 Jun 2008 10:13 GMT
World Environment Day: Global shipping lines emphasize their commitment.

Bunker spill off Montevideo
05 Jun 2008 09:08 GMT
Fuel oil spill off the coast of Uruguay releases 145cbm into the sea.

Chinese firm announces new BAF
04 Jun 2008 10:08 GMT
New BAF for trades from China to Europe will come into effect in July.

FAL sells 500,000mt of fuel oil
04 Jun 2008 08:10 GMT
Sharjah-based firm wins tender to supply 170cst cargoes over next four months.

BAF for Transatlantic trades is announced
03 Jun 2008 12:18 GMT
New BAF for dry and refrigerated containers to come into effect in July.

Low emission tug wins Clean Air Technology Award
03 Jun 2008 10:14 GMT
Environmental Protection Agency applauds 'world's first true hybrid' tug .

Danish firm recruits bunker trader
03 Jun 2008 09:16 GMT
Trader with experience in Singapore market joins Dan-Bunkering's trading team.

San Pedro wins Clean Air Excellence Award
02 Jun 2008 12:11 GMT
Port complex is chosen for its impact and innovation in improving air quality.

Changes at Petrobras bunker department
02 Jun 2008 10:12 GMT
Trader leaves the marine fuels department at Petrobras.

Dan-Bunkering appoints bunker trader
02 Jun 2008 08:04 GMT
Trader joins the company's trading team in Middelfart.

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