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Long Beach CA, United States
Port Directory

Bunker suppliers in Long Beach:

Chemoil Corporation (San Francisco)
Maxum Petroleum (Rancho Dominguez)
Petro-Diamond Inc. (Irvine)
The Jankovich Company (San Pedro)
Westport Petroleum Inc. (Pasadena)

Marine lubricant suppliers in Long Beach:

Maxum Petroleum (Rancho Dominguez)
Total Specialities USA, Inc. (Linden)

Commentary Date

Port News

20 Jul 2017 07:55 GMT  LA and Long Beach release draft of Clean Air Action Plan Update
Release of proposed CAAP kicks off two-month public review and comment period. In Full

21 Nov 2016 08:19 GMT  LA and Long Beach propose 'bold strategies' to slash emissions
CAAP 2017 Discussion Document prioritizes reducing GHG emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. In Full

09 Nov 2016 11:54 GMT  California At-Berth Regulation advisory becomes effective in January 2017
Shipping fleets have two options to ensure they comply with the new regulation. In Full

08 Nov 2016 13:07 GMT  Maersk Line expects fuel savings of more than 10% with $125m 'Fitbit' tracking upgrade
12 Maersk ships are each predicted to save 10,000 tonnes a year with tracking technology. In Full

30 Oct 2015 10:05 GMT  Long Beach 'the greenest port in the world'
Californian port has reduced diesel particulates by 85 percent since 2005. In Full

14 Oct 2015 10:28 GMT  Port of Long Beach cuts diesel emissions by 85% since 2005
Port says it has surpassed every air pollution reduction milestone set for 2014 by the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP). In Full

28 Sep 2015 09:57 GMT  Low Carbon Fuel Standard readopted in California
Requires 10 percent reduction in carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 2020. In Full

24 Sep 2015 14:57 GMT  Californian ports to update Clean Air Action Plan
Workshop to be held to gather input on the next update of the Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP). In Full

30 Jul 2015 11:07 GMT  MOL wins eco awards in California
Shipping firm receives Green Flag Award and Vessel Speed Reduction Award from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. In Full

10 Dec 2014 00:19 GMT  Aegean confirms plans to start LA supply operation in Q1 2015
Bunker firm says it bought 28,567 tonnes of fuel and tied up storage contract for $11 millon at OW Bunker auction. In Full

09 Dec 2014 16:12 GMT  Aegean snaps up OW fuel, LA storage - supply operation imminent?
According to reports, Aegean has bought 150,000 barrels of fuel in auction and secured a storage contract in Los Angeles. In Full

28 Aug 2014 07:34 GMT  Storm surge halts Long Beach vessel operations
Ship operations were suspended due to adverse weather conditions powered by Hurricane Marie. In Full

06 Aug 2014 13:36 GMT  MOL wins eco awards in California
Shipping firm receives Green Flag Award and Vessel Speed Reduction Award from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. In Full

08 May 2014 09:10 GMT  OW 'fully operational' in US West Coast
Bunker firm confirms the completion of several deliveries and the appointment of key members of staff. In Full

14 Mar 2014 08:07 GMT  OW Bunker launches supply operation in LA and Long Beach
Bunker firm expands its physical distribution operation in North America. In Full

13 Aug 2013 07:02 GMT  Shipping firms fined for not switching fuels
Companies fined for failing to switch to cleaner-burning distillates in Californian waters. In Full

23 May 2013 17:45 GMT  Long Beach adopts Energy Policy
Plan will promote efficiency, conservation and innovation. In Full

12 Mar 2013 09:28 GMT  Long Beach oil terminal project approved
Port selects Vopak to study the development of an oil terminal. In Full

03 Oct 2012 05:45 GMT  Shore power meetings in California
Meetings to be held to discuss the implementation of air quality regulations regarding ocean-going vessels at berth. In Full

10 Aug 2012 11:08 GMT  Long Beach cuts pollution by 75 percent
Pollution from port-related sources is reduced for the fifth consecutive year. In Full

04 Jul 2012 06:07 GMT  US fuel regulation advisory issued
Notice issued to ship operators ahead of the upcoming changes in sulphur requirements from next month. In Full

16 Mar 2012 17:18 GMT  $5 million for clean vessels in California
Loans to be offered to small businesses wishing to upgrade to cleaner operating vessels. In Full

27 Feb 2012 14:37 GMT  Bill seeks to make tax exemption permanent
New bill is aimed at avoiding problems related to the expiry of a partial sales tax exemption on the purchase of bunker fuel. In Full

25 Jan 2012 08:45 GMT  Deadline date for GHG grant applicants
Companies have just over three weeks to apply for funding to invest in projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. In Full

02 Sep 2011 09:54 GMT  Shipping firms fined for not switching fuels
European companies fined for failing to switch to cleaner-burning distillates in Californian waters. In Full

31 Aug 2011 08:03 GMT  California: Rise in incidents since ECA
Report says loss of propulsion incidents have skyrocketed since new ECA regulations came into force. In Full

12 Aug 2011 09:03 GMT  Eco-awards for Hamburg Süd
Shipping firm wins awards in the US for its environmentally conscious conduct. In Full

17 May 2011 09:41 GMT  Houston emissions four times higher than California
Study says clean fuel regulations have been effective in reducing sulphur pollution in California. In Full

10 May 2011 14:41 GMT  $58m awarded for shore-side power projects
Projects will aim to reduce emissions at Californian ports. In Full

21 Apr 2011 07:17 GMT  Shipping firms fined $161,000 for not switching fuels
European companies fined for failing to switch to cleaner-burning distillates in Californian waters. In Full

27 Jan 2011 07:32 GMT  Californian ports to test scrubber technology
Trials of exhaust gas cleaning technology are scheduled to begin later this year. In Full

18 Jan 2011 13:31 GMT  California to test seawater scrubber
Seawater scrubber to be tested on a container vessel over a 36-month period. In Full

13 Dec 2010 09:38 GMT  Air technology program wins green award
Initiative lauded for seeking to accelerate the commercialization of port-related emission reduction technologies. In Full

23 Nov 2010 19:14 GMT  California: Clean Air Action Plan approved
New plan sets long-term goals to slash air pollution at Los Angeles and Long Beach. In Full

29 Oct 2010 07:31 GMT  Eco-tug greener than initial estimates
Independent testing confirms 'world’s first hybrid tug' significantly reduces emissions. In Full

11 Oct 2010 18:42 GMT  Award for emissions control program
Program aimed at identifying new emissions reduction technologies receives award. In Full

24 Aug 2010 14:32 GMT  Foss retrofit to lower fuel costs, emissions
US firm to retrofit existing tug with hybrid technology in San Pedro Bay. In Full

24 May 2010 17:42 GMT  Long Beach RFP to develop liquid bulk terminal
Californian port issues amended proposal for the development of a marine liquid bulk terminal. In Full

16 Apr 2010 13:15 GMT  Nominations open for Clean Air Awards
Deadline for California award nominations is May 14th. In Full

11 Feb 2010 07:53 GMT  US port to up slow steaming incentives
Additional $9 million in financial incentives to boost participation in slow steaming program. In Full

01 Feb 2010 10:19 GMT  Port celebrates 5-year eco-program landmark
Green policy has led to a significant decrease in air pollution over a five-year period. In Full

16 Nov 2009 07:26 GMT  US West Coast ports promote bunker savings
Ports say there is a 'compelling case' for US West Coast deployments with lower fuel costs. In Full

02 Oct 2009 09:24 GMT  California issues fuel sulphur exemption advisory
Marine notice covers exemption regulation on fuel sulphur for ships operating within California waters. In Full

18 Aug 2009 16:45 GMT  Cold ironing projects honoured by ports
Maritime firms win awards for 'taking extraordinary steps' to cut air pollution from ships. In Full

03 Jul 2009 07:46 GMT  Solar ship arrives in California
World's first cargo ship partly powered by solar energy arrives at US port. In Full

02 July 2009 09:29 GMT  Schwarzenegger welcomes clean fuel regulation
Governor applauds new requirement for ships to burn distillate fuel in Californian waters. In Full

01 Jul 2009 09:27 GMT  July 1st: New fuel-burning requirements in California
Ship operators will be required to comply with new distillate fuel regulation from today. In Full

19 Jun 2009 08:14 GMT  Long Beach to test 'sock on a stack' technology
Pollution control device is said to have shown 'promising results' in early demonstrations. In Full

04 Jun 2009 08:06 GMT  World's first cold ironing oil terminal unveiled
Long Beach terminal becomes the first cold ironing facility in the world for liquid bulk ships. In Full

06 Apr 2009 17:18 GMT  LA to offset 'cold ironing' consumption with new solar system
Solar initiative to generate 10 megawatts of power as more ships plug into shoreside electricity. In Full

03 Apr 2009 08:04 GMT  Long Beach to review 'eco-project' in April
Project proposes to use new technologies and cleaner fuels to cut ship emissions. In Full

19 Mar 2009 11:03 GMT  Port moves to boost clean-fuel incentive for ships
Long Beach proposes to raise the reimbursement for each vessel trip by 50 percent. In Full

04 Feb 2009 08:12 GMT  Bunker prices on the agenda at LA event
Conference to cover 2009 bunker price analysis. In Full

20 Jan 2009 08:02 GMT  Bunker spill at the Port of Long Beach
Coast Guard says incident at eco-conscious port was a 'minor spill'. In Full

07 Jan 2009 09:40 GMT  Cargo-related emissions drop in Los Angeles
Port officials attribute the emissions reduction to the use of cleaner fuels in cargo ships. In Full

05 Jan 2009 17:26 GMT  Eco-tug to be launched in January
'World’s first hybrid tug' to be unveiled in San Pedro Bay later this month. In Full

29 Dec 2008 09:50 GMT  Operations back to normal in L.A.
Conoco says refinery is operating normally following "upset". In Full

15 Dec 2008 10:10 GMT  California plans to raise carbon limits on fuels
ARB proposes to reduce the carbon intensity of marine fuels by 25%. In Full

14 Nov 2008 09:32 GMT  'Cold ironing' launched in California
Project enables ships to cut bunker consumption and air pollution. In Full

30 Sep 2008 08:04 GMT  Schwarzenegger signs oil spill bills
Legislation aims to improve marine oil spill prevention and response in California. In Full

20 Aug 2008 11:33 GMT  California to host emissions workshop
ARB meeting to discuss greenhouse gas reduction measures. In Full

28 Jul 2008 11:30 GMT  Californian ports expand clean fuel choices
Low-sulphur MDO included as fuel option for air quality program in Long Beach and Los Angeles. In Full

25 Jul 2008 08:06 GMT  California adopts ban on heavy fuel oil
ARB measure will require vessels to use marine distillates in California from 2009. In Full

10 Jul 2008 08:02 GMT  Shipping lines sign up to low-sulphur initiative
Cargo vessel operators agree to take part in San Pedro Bay low-sulphur incentive program. In Full

11 Jun 2008 10:01 GMT  ARB proposes heavy fuel ban in California
Regulation would require ships to only use marine distillates in Californian waters. In Full

10 Jun 2008 11:42 GMT  ARB hosts Air Pollution Seminar
Seminar evaluates emission control technologies for ocean going vessels. In Full

03 Jun 2008 10:14 GMT  Low emission tug wins Clean Air Technology Award
Environmental Protection Agency applauds 'world's first true hybrid' tug . In Full

02 Jun 2008 12:11 GMT  San Pedro wins Clean Air Excellence Award
Port complex is chosen for its impact and innovation in improving air quality. In Full

22 Apr 2008 09:20 GMT  CARB to consider Emission Reduction Plan
California Air Resources Board to examine implementation of plan this week. In Full

26 Mar 2008 11:34 GMT  PMSA applauds approval of incentive program
Shipping Association voices its support as fuel replacement initiative goes ahead. In Full

25 Mar 2008 10:27 GMT  Low Sulphur incentive plan announced for L.A. and Long Beach
Voluntary fuel replacement initiative designed to reduce ship emissions in both ports. In Full

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