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Antwerp , Belgium
Port Directory

Bunker suppliers in Antwerp:

Aegean North West Europe (St. Job In't Goor)
Agaat Bunkering B.V. (Antwerp)
Bomin Belgium BVBA (Antwerp)
ExxonMobil Marine Fuels (Antwerp)
Gulf Petrochem BV (Dordrecht)
Peninsula Petroleum (Brokers) Ltd (London)
Peninsula Petroleum ARA NV (Antwerp)
Prax Bunker Belgium BVBA (Brasschaat)
Reinplus Fiwado Bunker (Rotterdam)
Shell Trading Rottterdam B.V. (Rotterdam)
Total Marine Fuels (Geneva)
V-Marine Fuels (Rotterdam)

Marine lubricant suppliers in Antwerp:

Castrol Nederland B.V. (Rotterdam)
Shell Trading Rottterdam B.V. (Rotterdam)
Total Belgium (Ertvelde)

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Port News

13 Jul 2017 10:24 GMT  Dutch regulator investigates bunker firms over 'possible' price fixing
Dawn raids carried out as investigation focuses on companies active in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam. In Full

13 Jun 2017 10:22 GMT  Ecoslops a step closer to developing ARA micro-refinery unit
Slops specialist in tie-up with VTTI subsidiary ATPC. In Full

05 May 2017 10:02 GMT  New ARA bunker supplier to perform first delivery on May 5
Chartered barge to supply 540 metric tonnes to a customer on Friday evening. In Full

21 Apr 2017 15:55 GMT  New ARA bunker supplier plans second barge for Rotterdam market
Bunker firm aims to have barge supply bases in both Antwerp and Rotterdam within the next two months. In Full

23 Jan 2017 09:57 GMT  Bomin expands ARA physical supply operation
Firm charters two bunker barges which will operate out of Antwerp and also supply in Rotterdam, Ghent and Vlissingen. In Full

21 Nov 2016 06:19 GMT  Fuel oil stocks jump in ARA and Singapore
ARA 84% increase said to be due to a rise in Rhine water levels and two VLCC cargoes. In Full

24 Oct 2016 08:45 GMT  European ports call for North Sea and Baltic NECA by 2021
Designation of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea as emission control areas for nitrogen oxides to be discussed at MEPC 70. In Full

04 Oct 2016 09:10 GMT  Gulf Petrochem launches bunker supply operation in Antwerp
Company offering physical deliveries of marine fuel to clients using two time-chartered barges. In Full

21 Sep 2016 08:55 GMT  First LNG bunkering pontoon developed in northwest Europe
Titan LNG Flex-Fueler will give larger vessels access to LNG in the ARA region. In Full

18 Jul 2016 11:17 GMT  Liquid bulk a key source of growth for Antwerp
Belgian port recorded an 8.4% rise in liquid bulk volume and a 13.9% jump in oil products handled. In Full

29 Apr 2016 09:29 GMT  Agreement to develop Alternative Energy Hub in Antwerp
Hub to include LNG refuelling station for inland navigation and road transport. In Full

21 Jan 2016 15:45 GMT  Record figures for Antwerp in 2015
Freight volume handled rose above 200 million tonnes. The number of calls by seagoing ships was up 2.9 percent. In Full

23 Dec 2015 15:32 GMT  LNG story continues in Antwerp
Belgian port plans to build an LNG bunker station for barges, with a concession agreement expected to be signed at the start of 2016. In Full

10 Dec 2015 11:21 GMT  Antwerp records rise in green ship calls
The number of ships calling at Antwerp that qualify for an ESI discount has increased every year since the initiative was launched. In Full

02 Oct 2015 12:23 GMT  Bomin launches physical operation in Antwerp
New supply operation is headed up by managing director Leslie Willems. In Full

17 Sep 2015 08:55 GMT  Antwerp bunkers first seagoing vessel with LNG
Vessel operated by Chemgas Shipping was bunkered with LNG on September 14. In Full

15 Jul 2015 11:07 GMT  RFP to build and operate Antwerp LNG bunkering facility
Interested parties have until October 5 to submit their project proposals. In Full

20 May 2015 12:38 GMT  Antwerp to offer discount to ships with lower particulate emissions
Discount to be granted from next month to ships that use alternative technology to reduce particulate emissions. In Full

20 May 2015 09:46 GMT  BP and Sinopec set up marine bunkering JV
New company is to operate in Singapore, UAE, Netherlands, Belgium and China. In Full

27 Jan 2015 16:03 GMT  Antwerp records 1.5% decline in annual ship calls
Belgian port recorded 14,009 calls by sea-going ships in 2014. In Full

20 Oct 2014 07:31 GMT  Four ports discuss harmonizing LNG bunkering standards and procedures
The ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Singapore participated in an LNG focus group last week. In Full

22 Sep 2014 16:34 GMT  Antwerp consults potential users on LNG bunkering facility
Port authority says it wants to "take maximum account of the preferences of potential customers" as it encourages them to fill in a questionnaire. In Full

18 Jul 2014 19:53 GMT  Antwerp terminal increases bunker storage capacity ahead of 2015 ECA regulations
An extra 5,000 cubic metres of capacity for the storage of distillates and heavy fuel oil has been added. In Full

09 Jul 2014 12:25 GMT  ExxonMobil launches ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 Marine Fuel
New marine fuel is designed to help ship operators comply with the new ECA 0.1% sulphur limit set to be introduced in January. In Full

04 Jul 2014 13:53 GMT  Antwerp: New delayed coker unit to meet MGO demand
A delayed coker unit is to be installed in Antwerp to meet the increase in demand for marine gas oil (MGO) in northwest Europe. In Full

28 Apr 2014 15:15 GMT  European ports in LNG bunkering joint venture
Initiative involves cooperation in research, promotion, knowledge transfer, legislation and bunker infrastructure. In Full

13 Nov 2013 15:21 GMT  Singapore and Belgium in LNG cooperation agreement
Singapore, Antwerp and Zeebrugge to work together to harmonize LNG bunkering standards. In Full

18 Sep 2013 05:02 GMT  LNG bunkering alliance in Antwerp
Antwerp Port Authority and Exmar in strategic partnership to develop LNG bunkering in Antwerp. In Full

24 Jul 2013 09:04 GMT  LNG barge bunkered in Antwerp
LNG-powered tanker has this week refuelled at quay 526. In Full

24 Jul 2013 08:24 GMT  Antwerp LNG subsidy approved
EC subsidy to be mainly used for the development of an LNG bunkering station for barges in Antwerp. In Full

22 Jul 2013 09:48 GMT  Strong growth for petroleum products in Antwerp
Oil volumes lead to surge in liquid bulk figures during the first six months of 2012. Vessel calls fall. In Full

18 Mar 2013 19:41 GMT  DNV to develop LNG bunkering procedures in Antwerp
Classification society selected to develop procedures for the safe bunkering of LNG in ARA port. In Full

11 Dec 2012 16:33 GMT  First LNG barge bunkered in Antwerp
Landmark refuelling operation is said to be a 'significant step' towards more eco-friendly shipping in Antwerp. In Full

28 Nov 2012 13:17 GMT  LNG bunkering report released
Report on LNG bunkering trends is available free of charge. In Full

29 Oct 2012 13:41 GMT  Feasibility study published on LNG bunkering in Belgium
DNV, the Flemish government and the port authorities of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Fluxys publish LNG study. In Full

04 Apr 2012 18:14 GMT  OW Bunker announces ARA terminal agreements
OW Bunker offers increased supply of RMK 1% 500cst low sulphur fuel oil at key bunkering locations. In Full

21 Mar 2012 06:09 GMT  Verbeke to become Aegean North-West Europe
New corporate identity for Verbeke Bunkering from the beginning of next month. In Full

27 Jan 2012 09:02 GMT  Antwerp records rise in annual ship calls
Positive news for bunker suppliers as the number of seagoing ships calling at Antwerp rises by 3.1%. In Full

17 Jan 2012 13:31 GMT  DNV to map the future of LNG bunkering in Belgium
DNV to carry out a feasibility study for the provision of LNG bunkering facilities at Belgian ports. In Full

27 Dec 2011 10:31 GMT  Antwerp to raise port dues in 2012
Discount on port dues will still apply to ships with an Environmental Ship Index of 31 points or more. In Full

27 Dec 2011 10:05 GMT  Rotterdam and Antwerp to cooperate on pipelines
Agreement to work together to reinforce the pipeline infrastructure between the two ports. In Full

08 Jun 2011 13:28 GMT  Antwerp to reward green ships
Port of Antwerp to grant discount on tonnage dues to the most eco-friendly vessels. In Full

07 Jun 2011 06:13 GMT  Aegean expands ARA market fleet
Double-hull barge to operate in the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam region. In Full

30 Dec 2010 07:17 GMT  ESI boasts over 100 applicants
Over one hundred ships are said to have already applied for the Environmental Ship Index. In Full

30 Dec 2010 06:49 GMT  Freight volumes up 13% in Antwerp
Container freight and liquid bulk set new records as Antwerp handles 178 million tonnes of freight in 2010. In Full

21 May 2010 07:02 GMT  Chemoil ready to meet ARA 1.0%S demand
Supplier says it is 'well prepared' to meet customer demand for 1.0% sulphur RMG380 from July 1st. In Full

19 May 2010 15:58 GMT  Grindrod acquires ABC Bunkeroils
South African firm says acquisition of ARA supplier forms part of its international expansion strategy. In Full

26 Apr 2010 10:15 GMT  Cold ironing website launched
Website dedicated to onshore power supply technology is launched. In Full

01 Apr 2010 12:41 GMT  Aegean completes acquisition of Verbeke Bunkering
Aegean confirms the completion of its previously announced acquisition of ARA supplier Verbeke Bunkering. In Full

16 Feb 2010 07:44 GMT  Antwerp oil terminal project update
Latest developments in the construction of the new Antwerp terminal, which will also be used for the refuelling of ships. In Full

15 Jan 2010 12:26 GMT  Vitol reveals Petroplus rebranding strategy
Petroplus businesses to be jointly known as "The Antwerp Terminal and Processing Company". In Full

05 Jan 2010 00:03 GMT  Aegean in agreement to acquire Verbeke Bunkering
Verbeke deal is Aegean's largest acquisition to date as the company more than triples its global coverage since 2006. In Full

26 Oct 2009 17:37 GMT  Petroplus to sell Antwerp refinery to Vitol
Sale of crude processing and import facilities is expected to close in the fourth quarter. In Full

05 Oct 2009 07:23 GMT  Mercuria acquires Antwerp oil terminal
Energy firm says acquisition will allow it to benefit from economies of scale and synergies with other terminals. In Full

17 Sep 2009 16:29 GMT  Antwerp to introduce barge identification system
Use of the new system will be compulsory for all bunker barges operating in the area. In Full

22 May 2009 17:37 GMT  Antwerp launches cold ironing trials
Plug-in shoreside power is made available for the first time to seagoing ships. In Full

09 Mar 2009 11:42 GMT  OW Bunker launches ARA trading office
Specialist office aims to provide clients with expert knowledge on the ARA market. In Full

31 Dec 2008 08:01 GMT  Ocean Energy Belgium moves office
New office location for Antwerp-based bunker trading company. In Full

17 Jul 2008 08:05 GMT  Ocean Energy opens office in Antwerp
Experienced trader Fons Van den Donk joins the company. In Full

17 Jun 2008 09:17 GMT  Limited processing capacity at Antwerp refinery
Bunker-producing refinery expected to be in full operation by the end of July. In Full

10 Jun 2008 08:02 GMT  Bunker-producing refinery is evacuated
Fire at 110,000 barrels-per-day refinery. Processing units are shut down. In Full

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