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Hong Kong , Hong Kong
Port Directory

Marine lubricant suppliers in Hong Kong:

Castrol Marine (Hong Kong)
Shell Hong Kong Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Total Lubricants Hong Kong Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Commentary Date
Public holiday - The day following the Mid-Autumn Festival. 2017-10-05 07:36:10 GMT
Public Holiday - The day following National Day. 2017-10-02 08:13:06 GMT
Bunkering remains suspended. Storm Signal 8 in force since 2.10 p.m. local time, having been downgraded from Storm Signal 10 - the highest storm warning. 2017-08-23 07:36:40 GMT
Public holiday - Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Festival). 2017-05-30 06:30:09 GMT
Upcoming public holiday on 30 May - Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Festival). 2017-05-29 12:05:29 GMT

Port News

17 Jul 2017 08:51 GMT  New HK report covers sulphur cap dates, shore power and emissions data
Progress report provides update on Hong Kong's plan to improve air quality. In Full

13 Jun 2017 08:57 GMT  Bunkering resumes in Hong Kong, but anchorage deliveries problematic
Treacherous weather conditions making deliveries at anchorage difficult. In Full

21 Oct 2016 10:54 GMT  Typhoon Haima halts bunkering in Hong Kong
Bunkering and port operations suspended as tropical cyclone hits Asian port. In Full

12 Aug 2016 07:53 GMT  ExxonMobil launches second accredited MFM in Hong Kong
Development follows the launch of Hong Kong's first independently accredited MFM in December. In Full

14 Jul 2016 13:25 GMT  Lukoil Marine Lubricants opens office in Hong Kong skyscraper
Central Plaza is the third-tallest building in Hong Kong. In Full

15 Dec 2015 14:08 GMT  First accredited mass flow metering system launched in Hong Kong
Mass flow metering system has been installed on the bunker vessel Anshing following accreditation by Lloyd's Register. In Full

15 Apr 2015 12:01 GMT  Hong Kong mandatory fuel switch approved. Think tank voices support
From July, ocean-going vessels will be required to burn fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.5 percent while at berth. In Full

24 Dec 2014 15:31 GMT  Agreement to acquire remaining equity of HK bunker firm
Ego Time Group is said to have been 'seriously affected' by potential losses relating to contracts made with or via OW Bunker China. In Full

19 Nov 2014 16:55 GMT  BMS United Bunkers names new managing director for Asia
George Kounalakis will be responsible for the firm's offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. In Full

02 Oct 2014 10:45 GMT  Shenzhen praised for fuel switch scheme
New voluntary scheme means that ship operators will receive a subsidy for switching to fuel with a lower sulphur content. In Full

16 Sep 2014 07:41 GMT  Hong Kong storm signal downgraded; bunkering remains suspended
Storm Signal 3 in place as local winds are said to be 'moderating gradually'. In Full

09 Jul 2014 11:05 GMT  New office for Asian bunker firm
Office telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged. In Full

31 Oct 2013 14:34 GMT  IBIA encourages the industry to raise its standards
Association asks whether the customer is really getting value and urges industry members to participate in the debate. In Full

23 Sep 2013 06:16 GMT  Bunkering set to restart in Hong Kong
Storm Signal 3 was cancelled at 10:25 hrs local time. In Full

13 Sep 2013 15:24 GMT  HK government welcomes measures to reduce emissions
Hong Kong to introduce the mandatory use of cleaner marine fuels for local and ocean-going vessels. In Full

13 Aug 2013 12:31 GMT  Bunkering suspended in Hong Kong
Bunker deliveries are halted in Hong Kong as a result of the threat of Tropical Storm Utor. In Full

30 Jul 2013 08:08 GMT  Management changes for Bomin in Asia
Lars Doring to become MD of Bomin Bunker Oil, Singapore. Susanna Lai to head Bomin's offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. In Full

24 Jul 2013 13:24 GMT  IBIA Hong Kong convention focuses on Asian growth
Event to examine whether Asian economic growth will be enough to fuel a global recovery in the bunker markets. In Full

16 Jul 2013 12:51 GMT  Bomin Singapore MD resigns
Raymond Kong resigns as Managing Director of Bomin Singapore and Director of Bomin's Hong Kong office. In Full

19 Jun 2013 08:38 GMT  Support for mandatory fuel switch in Hong Kong
Think tank submits its views on the mandatory requirement for at-berth fuel switching for ocean-going vessels. In Full

18 Jun 2013 16:55 GMT  OW Bunker appoints trader in Hong Kong
Bunker firm expands Hong Kong trading team with new appointment. In Full

05 Jun 2013 14:33 GMT  OW Bunker hires Branch Manager in Hong Kong
Bunker firm appoints ex-Brightoil Market Manager, Eric Hu. In Full

01 May 2013 12:31 GMT  Bomin appoints trader in Hong Kong
Experienced bunker trader joins the Bomin team in Hong Kong. In Full

12 Mar 2013 19:23 GMT  Hong Kong: Cruise ship emissions data published
Think tank publishes estimates for cruise ship emissions in Hong Kong. In Full

16 Jan 2013 07:41 GMT  Think tank supports decision to regulate fuel switching
Public policy think tank says government decision is a 'major policy breakthrough' in ship emissions control. In Full

09 Jan 2013 13:44 GMT  NewOcean Energy secures government supply contract
LPG operator to supply ultra-low sulphur diesel to government-owned vessels. In Full

24 Dec 2012 07:12 GMT  Think tank calls for pollution control at Hong Kong terminal
Fuel switching at berth and shore power requested for new cruise ship terminal. In Full

20 Nov 2012 13:57 GMT  HK regulations 'badly required' to control ship emissions
Hong Kong government is urged to act quickly to improve air quality. In Full

24 Sep 2012 09:17 GMT  Ships urged to switch to cleaner fuel in Hong Kong
Research finds that SO2 deaths would fall by 91% if ships used 0.1% sulphur fuel. In Full

20 Aug 2012 22:44 GMT  Aegean to commence supply operations in Hong Kong
Supplier says it expects to deploy a tanker in Hong Kong by the end of September. In Full

16 Aug 2012 14:41 GMT  Bunkering suspended in Hong Kong
Bunker deliveries are halted as Hong Kong prepares for storm signal 8. In Full

29 Jun 2012 13:29 GMT  Bunkering suspended in Hong Kong
Bunker deliveries are halted as Hong Kong is placed under storm signal number 3. In Full

31 Jan 2012 13:54 GMT  Regulating ships in Hong Kong - progress and incentives
Think tank calls on Hong Kong to 'seize the opportunity' and regulate quickly. In Full

17 Jan 2012 10:34 GMT  Office move for Hong Kong bunker firm
Supplier relocates to nearby office in Wan Chai. In Full

05 Jan 2012 10:35 GMT  Bunkers International hires Hong Kong manager
New manager has over four years' experience in the bunkering business. In Full

08 Nov 2011 06:16 GMT  Hong Kong to host emissions forum this week
Free event to discuss the reduction of ship emissions in the Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta region. In Full

25 Oct 2011 13:14 GMT  Hong Kong to consider ECA for ocean-going ships
Hong Kong looks set to push for regulations requiring ocean-going vessels to switch to using cleaner fuel. In Full

07 Oct 2011 14:57 GMT  Hong Kong to host ship emissions forum
Government-funded event to focus on reducing emissions in the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta region. In Full

03 Oct 2011 10:28 GMT  Bunkering suspended in Hong Kong
Bunker deliveries are halted as Hong Kong is placed under storm signal number 3. In Full

29 Sep 2011 06:46 GMT  Bunkering halted in Hong Kong
Bunker deliveries are suspended as Hong Kong is placed under storm signal number 8. In Full

28 Jul 2011 11:33 GMT  Hong Kong issues tropical cyclone warning
Government department places Hong Kong under storm signal number 1. In Full

23 Jun 2011 08:02 GMT  Bunker deliveries resume at Hong Kong
Hong Kong is placed under Storm Signal No. 1 as strong winds continue to weaken. In Full

13 Jun 2011 15:21 GMT  Hong Kong: Association calls for mandatory fuel switch
Managing director says all vessels should be forced to burn low sulphur fuel when berthed at Hong Kong. In Full

18 May 2011 08:57 GMT  Hong Kong: Chimbusco to lease additional storage - sources
Supplier is reported to be planning to lease additional storage capacity for fuel oil in Hong Kong. In Full

18 Apr 2011 13:11 GMT  Bominflot confirms Hong Kong appointment
Larry Fu Kim Po joins Bomin Bunker Oil as bunker trader. In Full

11 Apr 2011 11:18 GMT  Trader leaves Hong Kong bunker firm
Bunker trader reveals that he will be leaving the company later this week. In Full

25 Feb 2011 15:10 GMT  Bunkers International opens Hong Kong office
Sales operation up and running as former OW Bunker trader joins Bunkers International. In Full

04 Nov 2010 06:22 GMT  OOCL joins Hong Kong low sulphur initiative
OOCL vessels will switch to low sulphur fuel while at berth in Hong Kong. In Full

26 Oct 2010 13:08 GMT  Hamburg Süd in Hong Kong MGO switch
Hamburg Süd and Aliança in voluntary initiative to use low sulphur MGO in Hong Kong. In Full

08 Oct 2010 14:32 GMT  APL switches to LSFO in Hong Kong
Shipping line says voluntary switch will cut sulphur dioxide emissions from ships at port by 87 percent. In Full

13 Sep 2010 09:45 GMT  Asia's first fuel switch programme
Fuel switch scheme is launched in Hong Kong following 'successful' supervised testing. In Full

23 Aug 2010 07:50 GMT  ExxonMobil in Hong Kong exit speculation
Decision to lease tank storage prompts speculation that ExxonMobil may quit the Hong Kong bunker market. In Full

21 Jul 2010 13:57 GMT  Hong Kong issues typhoon signal 3 warning
Bunker supply operations disrupted as typhoon signal 3 warning is issued for the first time this year. In Full

29 Apr 2010 07:48 GMT  OOCL launches CO2 calculator
New online calculator is designed to assist customers in measuring CO2 emissions in their supply chain. In Full

24 Mar 2010 07:22 GMT  COSCO Intl plans to expand bunker business
Shipping group plans to 'actively expand' into new business areas related to the sale of marine fuel. In Full

04 Feb 2010 10:17 GMT  New Branch Manager for OW Bunker HK
Hong Kong manager will also take on the role of Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Asia. In Full

29 Jan 2010 05:49 GMT  OW Bunker appoints trader in Hong Kong
Experienced shipping professional joins OW Bunker's trading team in Hong Kong. In Full

30 Nov 2009 16:22 GMT  Cockett opens office in Hong Kong
New office is headed up by General Manager Louis Mak Yuk Tsung. In Full

25 Nov 2009 00:24 GMT  East Asia 380-cst price comparison
Price trends in the East Asian ports of Hong Kong, Kaohsiung and Shanghai are analysed. In Full

28 Oct 2009 09:12 GMT  Solar-powered ferries to sail Hong Kong harbour
Hybrid ferries are part of eco-drive to make the city more environmentally conscious. In Full

25 Aug 2009 09:36 GMT  Hong Kong starts low sulphur fuel initiative
Nine month ferry trial is launched to examine the feasibility of switching to ULSD. In Full

03 Jun 2009 10:06 GMT  HKMEx may 'not necessarily' launch fuel oil contract
President says the launch of energy contracts in 2010 may not include fuel oil. In Full

13 May 2009 08:06 GMT  Hong Kong shipowners back emissions fund
Shipowners Association declares its support for greenhouse gas levy. In Full

08 Apr 2009 08:03 GMT  Singapore: Last visbreakers to restart end-April
ExxonMobil to fully restart Singapore visbreaking complex by the end of this month. In Full

29 Oct 2008 16:40 GMT  Bunker prices drop in Asian ports
Singapore 380-cst plummets 52 percent in a month. Price rise expected. In Full

28 Aug 2008 11:20 GMT  Titan records half-year loss
Restructuring plan aims to focus resources on storage and shipyard businesses. In Full

20 Aug 2008 08:01 GMT  T.S. Lines drops bunker levy
Container carrier decides not to impose Emergency Bunker Surcharge. In Full

18 Jul 2008 08:02 GMT  Shipping lines impose bunker surcharge
Shippers' council calls for the intervention of regulatory authorities in Hong Kong and China. In Full

17 Jun 2008 13:45 GMT  Hong Kong studies emission-reducing initiatives
Report identifies solutions for tackling ship emissions in the Pearl River Delta. In Full

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