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Country Directory

Bunker suppliers in Colombia - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Areda Ltda. (Cartagena)
Bunkers International Corp. (Lake Mary)
C.I. International Fuels Ltda. (Barranquilla)
C.I. International Fuels Ltda. (Miami)
C.I. Pacific Fuels International S.A.S. (Cartagena)
C.I. Petrobunkers (Cartagena)
C.I. Petrocomercial S.A. (Bogota)
C.I. Petrocomercial S.A. (Cartagena)
C.I. Quality Bunkers Supply S.A.S (Bogota)
Codis S.A. (Barranquilla)
ExxonMobil Marine Fuels Ltd. (Coral Gables)
Organizacion Terpel S.A. (Barranquilla)
Petrocosta CI Ltda. (Cartagena)
Petromil (Petroleos del Milenio) S.A. (Cartagena)
Petromil Inc. (Weston)

Bunker traders (based in Colombia):

International Brokers S.A.S. (Inter Brokers) (Bogota)

Bunker brokers (based in Colombia):

International Brokers S.A.S. (Inter Brokers) (Bogota)

Marine lubricant suppliers in Colombia - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Areda Ltda. (Cartagena)
C.I. Petrobunkers (Cartagena)
C.I. Petrocomercial S.A. (Cartagena)
C.I. Petrocomercial S.A. (Bogota)
Codis S.A. (Barranquilla)
Organizacion Terpel S.A. (Barranquilla)
Petrocosta CI Ltda. (Cartagena)
Shell Colombia SA (Barranquilla)

Country News

02 Feb 2017 00:02 GMT  'Business as usual' for Dan-Bunkering in Cartagena despite Petrocosta liquidation
Liquidator says Petrocosta 'will continue with its normal operations'. In Full

17 Oct 2016 11:07 GMT  Lindsay Blee signs marketing & distribution agreement with Petrobunkers
UK-headquartered firm to manage sales and marketing from its office in Florida. In Full

30 May 2016 06:56 GMT  Petrocosta to relaunch supply operation in Barranquilla and Santa Marta
Colombian firm plans to start supplying again in both Atlantic coast ports after pulling out three years ago. In Full

25 May 2016 10:32 GMT  Dan-Bunkering enters into supply partnership in Colombia
Danish firm expands its physical coverage in South America with supply agreement in the port of Cartagena. In Full

22 Jan 2016 09:27 GMT  Monjasa focused on growth in Latin America
Bunker company comments on its operations in Mexico, Colombia and Panama. In Full

22 Dec 2015 13:18 GMT  Dan-Bunkering forms joint venture in Colombia
Partnership signed with Australian Bunkers to carry out physical supplies in Buenaventura. In Full

05 Feb 2015 10:23 GMT  Bunkers International offering 0.1% ECA fuel in Colombia
Product is said to have a viscosity similar to a 30 cSt fuel at 50 degrees centigrade. In Full

11 Aug 2014 12:04 GMT  OW Bunker and Petrocosta enter strategic partnership in Colombia
Petrocosta to handle sourcing, blending and storage while OW Bunker will be responsible for sales and marketing. In Full

26 Jun 2014 12:46 GMT  Contract awarded to build liquid terminal in Colombia
Commissioning of the new terminal is targeted for the second quarter of 2015. In Full

13 Feb 2014 08:41 GMT  Bunker vessel to provide 'fully dedicated' service at Coveñas
The BT Cartagena Sun will be providing a regular bunker supply service in the port and offshore. In Full

06 Jan 2014 11:44 GMT  OW Bunker launches office in Colombia
Bunker firm opens fifth office in Latin America. In Full

22 May 2013 18:15 GMT  Pacific Fuels International exits retail bunkering
Colombian firm to focus on the sale of fuel oil and crude oil cargoes to clients. In Full

16 Jan 2013 20:14 GMT  Firm seeks financing for Colombian port project
Colombian company aims to develop bunker, coal and bulk goods port facility. In Full

08 Nov 2012 07:27 GMT  Bunker tanker approved for Coveñas deliveries
Bunkers International vessel is now fully authorized to supply at the Colombian port of Coveñas. In Full

10 Oct 2012 07:58 GMT  New barge and LSFO at Buenaventura
Bunkers International launches new double-hulled barge and LSFO product at Pacific coast port. In Full

17 Jul 2012 18:39 GMT  Bunkers International launches bunker tanker
Vessel will supply LSFO, HSFO and MGO at a number of locations along the north Colombian coastline. In Full

15 Jun 2012 17:52 GMT  New IFO supplier in Colombia
In Full

11 May 2012 06:41 GMT  Bunkers International offering LSFO in Colombia
Supplier offering low sulphur fuel oil in the ports of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta. In Full

01 Dec 2011 12:02 GMT  Colombian firm completes first month as supplier
Bunker firm selling all major grades of fuel at a number of Colombian ports. In Full

03 Nov 2011 06:46 GMT  Colombian firm to start bunkering in November
Supplier to carry out bunker deliveries in the north of the country. In Full

03 Aug 2011 17:27 GMT  LSFO available at Colombian ports
Bunkers International now offering 1% LSFO at three ports in Colombia. In Full

01 Jun 2011 07:06 GMT  Full bunker operations resume at Buenaventura
Bunkers International offering IFO and MGO at the Pacific Coast port following supply disruption. In Full

10 Nov 2010 06:17 GMT  Pacific Rubiales to launch bunker venture
Energy firm plans to enter the Colombian bunker market as part of its downstream integration strategy. In Full

26 Aug 2010 16:57 GMT  Full bunker operations resume in Buenaventura
Bunkers International offers IFO and MGO on the Pacific Coast following supply disruption. In Full

30 Jun 2010 06:58 GMT  Bunkers International supplying LSFO in Colombia
Supplier now offering ISO 2010-compliant product to customers in the ports of Cartagena and Barranquilla. In Full

24 Jun 2010 10:06 GMT  Ecopetrol gets 20-year port concession
Colombian oil firm granted exclusive access to maritime terminal for 20-year period. In Full

19 May 2010 15:32 GMT  COPEC acquires indirect stake in Terpel
COPEC in agreement to acquire 47.2% stake in the company that controls Colombian supplier Terpel. In Full

31 Mar 2010 08:42 GMT  Bunkers International to sell 1%S 380-cst in Colombia
Supplier says it aims to begin selling 380-cst with 1% maximum sulphur content in Cartagena by July 2010. In Full

03 Mar 2010 13:01 GMT  New barge for Colombian supplier
Bunker barge will be positioned in the coal-exporting port of Santa Marta. In Full

26 Feb 2010 11:09 GMT  CI International Fuels opens US office
Colombian bunker supplier opens new office in Miami. In Full

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