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Sri Lanka 
Country Directory

Bunker suppliers in Sri Lanka - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Advantis Bunkering (Colombo)
Interocean Energy (Pvt) Ltd. (Colombo)
Lanka Marine Service (Pvt.) Ltd. (Colombo)
Master Divers (Pvt.) Ltd. (Colombo)

Bunker traders (based in Sri Lanka):

Beta Marine Fuels (Pvt) Ltd. (Colombo)
GAC Bunker Fuels (Sri Lanka) (Colombo)

Marine lubricant suppliers in Sri Lanka - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Castrol India Ltd. (Mumbai)
Interocean Energy (Pvt) Ltd. (Colombo)
Lanka Marine Service (Pvt.) Ltd. (Colombo)
Total Lubrifiants S.A. - Lubmarine (Paris)

Bunker suppliers (based in Sri Lanka):

Advantis Bunkering (Colombo)
Interocean Energy (Pvt) Ltd. (Colombo)
Lanka Marine Service (Pvt.) Ltd. (Colombo)
Master Divers (Pvt.) Ltd. (Colombo)

Country News

09 Aug 2017 06:40 GMT  Advantis Bunkering awarded health and safety certification
OHSAS 18001:2007 certification granted following an evaluation of the supplier's health and safety standards. In Full

06 Jul 2016 09:31 GMT  SLPA seeks bunker firm to operate in Hambantota
Tender bid winner to be granted a 25-year lease at the Sri Lankan port. In Full

21 Sep 2015 15:13 GMT  Lanka IOC seeks tax concession to compete with Indian bunker players
Managing director says transportation costs are affecting the company's ability to compete. In Full

31 Oct 2014 13:41 GMT  World's two largest sailing yachts get the GAC Bunker Fuels treatment
Securing business for the world's two biggest sailing superyachts 'shows the degree of trust we have gained in this market', says department head. In Full

22 May 2014 08:31 GMT  Bunker barge moves to Galle
Barge is relocated to Galle, Sri Lanka, to carry out deliveries at anchorage and off port limits (OPL). In Full

04 Dec 2013 13:16 GMT  GAC scoops awards at Sri Lanka event
GAC Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. wins two awards at the National Business Excellence Awards. In Full

30 Jan 2013 20:10 GMT  Tax on bunkers would make Sri Lanka 'uncompetitive'
Industry players warn that the implementation of a new tax would lead to a hike in prices and make bunkering in Sri Lanka uncompetitive. In Full

08 Aug 2012 14:32 GMT  GAC announces Sri Lanka office expansion
GAC opens new branch in Hambantota and moves into larger premises in Galle and Trincomalee. In Full

17 Jul 2012 06:07 GMT  Hambantota bunkering to begin in October
SLPA looks set to commence bunkering operations at Hambantota within the next three months. In Full

25 Aug 2011 13:31 GMT  Sri Lankan firm issues fuel oil tender
State-owned company requires 180-centistoke parcels to be delivered over a period of six months. In Full

23 Aug 2011 08:02 GMT  Lanka IOC seeks approval to supply at Hambantota
In Full

25 Jul 2011 10:12 GMT  'Strong' Q4 bunker sales for Lanka IOC
Lanka IOC says bunker sales in the last quarter offset losses in the previous nine months of the financial year. In Full

04 Jul 2011 17:41 GMT  OW Bunker expands network to India
New operation established in India as company further extends its focus on BRIC countries. In Full

28 Mar 2011 08:42 GMT  Hambantota bunkering to begin in June
SLPA set to commence bunkering operations as tank farm construction nears completion. In Full

11 Jan 2011 09:24 GMT  SLPA prepares for Hambantota bunker launch
Port authority gets ready to begin bunkering operations at Hambantota in May. In Full

30 Dec 2010 10:22 GMT  Bunker cargo heads for Sri Lanka
Fuel oil parcel expected to arrive in Colombo next week. In Full

28 Dec 2010 08:26 GMT  CPC to re-enter bunker market
State enterprise plans to commence bunkering operations in Sri Lanka during the first quarter of 2011. In Full

18 Nov 2010 16:12 GMT  Lanka Marine supplies ship at Hambantota
Sri Lankan bunker supplier delivers fuel to cargo ship during the launch of Hambantota port. In Full

15 Nov 2010 08:42 GMT  Plan to build LPG terminal at Hambantota
LPG supplier intends to construct an all-weather storage and discharge terminal at new Sri Lankan port. In Full

19 Aug 2010 07:08 GMT  SLPA proceeds with Sri Lanka supply plan
Sri Lanka Ports Authority to target small and medium-sized vessels in new bunker supply venture. In Full

16 Aug 2010 07:40 GMT  Water influx ceremony at Hambantota
President Mahinda Rajapaksa inaugurates water influx ceremony at 'Magampura International Harbour'. In Full

11 Aug 2010 09:16 GMT  Hambantota goes underwater in August
Hambantota harbour to be filled with water later this month. In Full

19 Jul 2010 14:24 GMT  Bunker cargo arrives in Colombo
Sri Lanka supplier is reported to have fully discharged a fuel oil cargo over the weekend. In Full

12 Jul 2010 07:03 GMT  November completion for Hambantota
First phase of the Hambantota Port Development Project is expected to be completed ahead of schedule. In Full

02 Jun 2010 13:55 GMT  Bunker cargoes head for Sri Lanka
Fuel oil parcels expected to arrive in Sri Lanka early next week. In Full

25 May 2010 06:46 GMT  Bunker sales surge for Lanka IOC
Sri Lanka supplier sees bunker sales volumes and revenue skyrocket in the year to March 2010. In Full

13 Apr 2010 10:11 GMT  Sri Lankan supplier targets OPL volumes - source
Marine fuel supplier aims to increase sales of marine fuel by targeting bunkers-only market. In Full

15 Mar 2010 09:23 GMT  Colombo construction agreement expected soon
SLPA is expected to finalize an agreement for the construction of a new container terminal. In Full

08 Mar 2010 11:28 GMT  Colombo terminal construction to start in June - source
Bunker boost for Colombo with news that construction of the port's fourth container terminal is scheduled to begin in June. In Full

05 Jan 2010 07:38 GMT  Colombo expands bunkering capacity
New berth for oil tankers is launched and steps taken to build additional storage. In Full

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