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Country Directory

Bunker suppliers in Spain - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Addax Bunkering Services, ABS (Geneva)
Aegean Marine Petroleum S.A. (Piraeus)
Aegean North West Europe (St. Job In't Goor)
Cepsa (Madrid)
Marinoil Service S.A. (Menaka)
Oil Marketing & Trading International (Europe) S.A. (Athens)
OilChart Offshore Ltd (London)
Peninsula Petroleum (Brokers) Ltd (London)
Peninsula Petroleum Ltd. (Gibraltar)
Repsol S.A. (Madrid)
Vilma Oil Trading AG (Madrid)

Bunker traders (based in Spain):

Marinoil Service S.A. (Menaka)
Trademar Bunkers S.L. (Madrid)
Viana Investments Corp S.A. (Las Palmas)
Vilma Oil Trading AG (Madrid)

Bunker brokers (based in Spain):

Futura Petrolium S.L. (Palma de Mallorca)
Tarik Consignaciones S.L. (Algeciras)

Marine lubricant suppliers in Spain - within port limits and off port limits (OPL)

Addax Bunkering Services, ABS (Geneva)
Aegean Marine Petroleum S.A. (Piraeus)
Castrol Marine (Madrid)
Marinoil Service S.A. (Menaka)
Peninsula Petroleum (Brokers) Ltd (London)
Peninsula Petroleum Ltd. (Gibraltar)

Bunker suppliers (based in Spain):

Cepsa (Madrid)
Marinoil Service S.A. (Menaka)
Repsol S.A. (Madrid)
Vilma Oil Trading AG (Madrid)

Country News

07 Oct 2017 09:28 GMT  Gas Natural Fenosa greenlights 'temporary' HQ transfer to Madrid
LNG bunker supplier says move is due to the 'legal uncertainty' created by recent events in Catalonia. In Full

06 Oct 2017 10:48 GMT  LNG bunker supplier Gas Natural Fenosa calls board meeting over relocating Barcelona HQ
Natural gas firm joins list of Catalonia-based institutions deliberating over their future. In Full

24 Aug 2017 11:32 GMT  Cepsa becomes first RMK 500 bunker supplier in Barcelona
Company also extends supply capacity with the addition of the Spabunker 21. In Full

04 Aug 2017 12:15 GMT  Spanish Atlantic port Ferrol aims to develop LNG bunkering infrastructure
Port looks to take full advantage of its close proximity to Reganosa's LNG terminal. In Full

01 Aug 2017 13:40 GMT  Trasmediterranea posts drop in earnings, citing higher bunker costs
EBITDA fell 88.7 percent to EUR 2 million in H1. In Full

19 Jul 2017 09:38 GMT  LNG bunker player Enagas posts after-tax profit of EUR 269.1 million
Spanish firm managed to reduce its net debt by EUR 607 million in H1 2017. In Full

17 Jul 2017 10:45 GMT  Peninsula Petroleum launches bunker supply operation in Barcelona
Supplier aims to take advantage of the 'significant supply gap in the market'. In Full

11 Jul 2017 07:28 GMT  Balearia and its commitment to LNG bunkers at MEPC 71
Fleet director gave 'Why Balearia chooses LNG' presentation at IMO meeting. In Full

10 Jul 2017 09:14 GMT  Iberian study predicts annual LNG bunker sales of 8m cbm by 2050
Capex of EUR 3.7 billion will be needed, advises study. In Full

07 Jul 2017 10:39 GMT  Europe's first pro LNG training centre promoted at MEPC 71
Three-day course covering small-scale LNG and bunkering operations is due to take place in September. In Full

14 Jun 2017 08:50 GMT  'Spain can lead the LNG bunkering sector', says Gasnam president
Freire highlights Spain's regasification infrastructure, LNG bunker projects and fleet renewal programmes. In Full

09 Jun 2017 09:14 GMT  AIDA Cruises targets LNG bunkers in Barcelona for newest ship 'before the summer is out'
Cruise operator says it is also in talks with other Mediterranean ports regarding the provision of LNG fuel. In Full

05 Jun 2017 10:36 GMT  Balearia highlights LNG-fuelled ferries in presentation of corporate report
Spanish ferry operator presented its seventh Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report. In Full

16 May 2017 11:22 GMT  Landmark bunker barge delivery to a non-cruise ship in Malaga
Peninsula Petroleum supplied bulk carrier with marine fuel on May 13. In Full

06 May 2017 12:18 GMT  First ever LNG bunker delivery performed in Santander
Cement carrier MV Ireland supplied with LNG in a truck-to-ship delivery. In Full

02 May 2017 10:26 GMT  Barcelona's new cruise terminal to accommodate LNG-fuelled ships
Artist renderings of Carnival's new cruise terminal, which is due to open in 2018. In Full

24 Apr 2017 17:41 GMT  Repsol, Enagas perform Europe's first LNG bunkering directly from a regasification plant
The Damia Desgagnes received 370 cubic metres of LNG in Cartagena. In Full

19 Apr 2017 12:49 GMT  Enagas kicks off travelling LNG exhibition in Madrid
Gas firm to travel across Spain to promote LNG as a transport fuel. In Full

19 Apr 2017 09:47 GMT  LNG port study contract announced in Spain
Study is expected to be completed within a period of 18 months. In Full

07 Apr 2017 09:48 GMT  Trasmediterranea rules out long-distance fast ferries due to bunker price volatility
Business model based on high speed over long distances 'would not make much sense', says GM. In Full

06 Apr 2017 12:07 GMT  Cepsa presents paper backing LNG as a marine fuel
Supplier says fuel has greatest growth potential due to its safety, availability, price and eco-friendly properties. In Full

04 Apr 2017 10:45 GMT  Bunker barge deliveries recommence at Spain's fifth-biggest cruise port
Peninsula Petroleum supplied Pullmantur cruise vessel by barge on Sunday. In Full

03 Apr 2017 09:25 GMT  First ever LNG bunker delivery performed in Bilbao
Dry cargo vessel MV Ireland supplied with LNG in a truck-to-ship delivery. In Full

29 Mar 2017 08:57 GMT  Spain's official gazette confirms approval of LNG bunkering in Gijon
Spanish port intends to start truck-to-ship bunkering of LNG 'in the coming months'. In Full

28 Mar 2017 13:46 GMT  Quadrise confirms two-shift production at Cepsa refinery
Manufacturing unit at San Roque switched to 24-hour production in January. In Full

23 Mar 2017 07:52 GMT  Barcelona plans to reward clean ships with 40% incentive
Green ship initiative comes as Spanish port develops infrastructure for the supply of LNG. In Full

23 Mar 2017 05:45 GMT  MAN engines to power Australian Navy replenishment oilers
Shipset deliveries scheduled for December 2017 and June 2018. In Full

20 Feb 2017 07:57 GMT  Cepsa starts selling 0.1% ULSFO in Algeciras Bay
Spanish firm is first in the Strait of Gibraltar to offer 2020-compatible ULSFO. In Full

02 Feb 2017 13:57 GMT  Balearia orders two LNG-fuelled ferries
Vessels are expected to be operational by the end of 2018. In Full

31 Jan 2017 08:53 GMT  Barcelona completes first LNG delivery to a Balearia ferry
Truck-to-ship supply of LNG to the Abel Matutes was carried out on Sunday. In Full

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